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Hello! :)

97% percent of you won't repost this.  Jesus Christ thought of all of you when he died for you. If you are on of the 3% that care for Jesus, repost this.

My name is Rose, Rose Weasley.
Call me weak, but you will never see me shed a tear.
My Dad is Ron Weasley my Mum is Hermione Granger and I have a little brother, Hugo. I love them all. <3
I'm friends with Scorpius Malfoy, I'm in Gryffindor house, I play Quidditch (I'm a Chaser), and I love my family.
Hurt me, shame on you. Hurt my family, I will hex you into oblivion.

I love music of all different kinds, I enjoy the outdoors, I love reading, writing, and talking to friends.

Take Time To Read Each Sentence : 
This is this cat 
This is is cat 
This is how cat 
This is to cat 
This is keep cat 
This is someone cat 
This is busy cat 
This is for cat 
This is forty cat 
This is seconds cat 
Now read the THIRD word of every line. 

That girl you just called a Mudblood?
She was once tortured because she is Muggle-Born.

That guy you made fun of for coming from a poor family?
He has spent half of his life competing with his Brothers and friends trying to impress people.

That guy with the lightning scar you make fun of?
He lived in a cupboard for eleven years before he got a small bedroom.

See the girl you called loony? 
Her mother died when she was nine years old.

The boy with the remembrall that people make fun of?
His parents suffered a fate even worse than death and they don't even recognize him anymore.

Post this on your profile if you are against bullying in the Wizarding and Muggle worlds.

Anyway, I suppose that's all for now, bye! <3


Ask Rose.

Ask Rose.

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