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The Alpha's Lover

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Description: Rated PG-13 for frankness, adult content,mature situations and crude language. What the Alpha want's, the Alpha get's and he wants Effy. What begins as a forceful act of authority ends in turmoil and unrest. Lust breeds pain and pain deceit and...

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A Black Girl

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To all the fans of "The Alpha's Lover", I am officially two pages into the next update.  Hopefully I will have a long chapter up before twelve p.m. (pacific time) tomorrow.
Englishgual posted a message to RoryBaptiste
Also I kno this may sound weird but I'm rooting for effy and the alpha  to be together I just feel it'll make it great plot twist as opposed to the normal boring cliche stuff out there :) 
Englishgual posted a message to RoryBaptiste
Also I kno this may sound weird but I'm rooting for the alpha and effy to be together I just feel it'll make a great plot twist as opposed to the normals cliche stuff there is :) 
Englishgual posted a message to RoryBaptiste
      Please times a billon update the alphas lover I know it's been like two years but I'm literally begging u I really want to read out that story n plz just don't throw this msg away or don't even take it into consideration but that book has been one of ur most popular n it only has a little bit of parts so imagine if u finish it :P pls pls pls update ur a really really amazing and talented as well as gifted author so please please update 
RoryBaptiste commented on Best-Frienemies - Naive Are We

Learn the difference between singular and plural verbs--check out Grammar Girl.
      "Hello best friends," Layla greeted as she approached Aisha and Sofia who were leaning against Aisha's Lamborghini."
      Reword the description of the girls. It reads more like a profile than a description. Below is an example/ how I would describe the girls.
      "While Layla (what's her last name?) had been born with long flaxen hair, peachy skin, and baby blue eyes, Aisha Jordan, a music artist, had been born with honey drenched skin, curly tawny hair, and forest green eyes. Aisha's complexion was due to her racially different parents--a black mother and a Latino father. Sofia Moreno completed the group perfectly with her Colombia originated Latino heritage,shocking honey-blonde hair, and soft grey eyes. Together, the women attended UCLA (explanation of abbreviation is not necessary)"
      You accidentally bold-ed part of the story btw and the dialogue isn't supposed to be italicized unless something is being emphasized or from a flashback.
      And why are these women so rich and bougie? lol.
      Try to cut down on the "Before Layla could get another word in/Before Layla could answer" because it sounds a bit repetitive, try to find another way to say the same thing.
      You have a couple of misspelled and misused words.
      Your usage of tenses needs a little refining, too.
      Other than that, it has promise! You're a good writer and your plot is pretty good. I'll let you know how I feel about the next chapter.