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Description: CAUTION: Not for children under the age of 16. Rated PG-13 for frank discussions related to sex, for violence and mature scenes/situations. It begans as a classic tale of a one night stand 'Girl meets guy, girl has sex with guy...' Except there's...

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A Black Girl

A Black Girl

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:Cover created by Cyberalias: Sexy ass boyfriend? Um check. Down ass bestie? Um check check. Druggie br...



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Lizzie wanted to be so much more, but she's stuck. She's 21 years old, never had a significant relations...

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Rant For The Pissed And Tired

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Read along with me as I bitch and complain about stuff that you probably do too. You might even get a ki...

When I Think of a Broken Heart

When I Think of a Broken Heart

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RoryBaptiste commented on Impulse - Lull

yep! I was out of a laptop for nearly a year and out of time, too because I'm in grad school and working. Since it's summer and I have a laptop now, I have more time to dedicate to it and actually write it.
Hey, guys. I'm looking for stories that haven't been given much advertisements and people who might be looking for criticism on those stories. 
      1. The story cannot have more than 500 votes. Anything more and it just does not need my exposure. I want to help people who absolutely NEED it.
      2. I can only accept, at the most, five stories by five different people right now.
      3.  The first five who post on my wall, having met the two requirements above, will be chosen.
      I'll keep the offer open for a week you guys!
RoryBaptiste commented on A Black Girl - Two Black Kids

Thank you! I wanted to make it longer, but I had already told myself that it would be a short story and I didn't want to drag it out. The thing I wanted to do was represent how life is, and more importantly how black life is sometimes. The end is a bit fairy-tale ish, but I thought Roshni could use a little bit of happiness in her life and someone who would rock with her with or without sex.
RoryBaptiste commented on A Black Girl - Two Black Kids

Thank you! I kinda struggled with the 'black pride' thing when I first joined wattpad because all I saw was Interracial love stories and pure caucasian ones, but I got the courage one day and decided "what would it hurt to write about people who are like me?" and that's where this story came from :). Thank you for your comment!!! <3