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Heya, I'm Rory Baptiste (alias of course) or you can call me Aurora :) I couldn't pronounce the name if my life depended on it but I think it's just so...beautiful...and lush and dreamy.

And I'm this many years old! *throws up all ten figures like a mufuggin BOSS*

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Whadya still doin heah kid? SCRAP! GET OUTTA HEAH YA VARMIT!
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Description: Lizzie wanted to be so much more, but she's stuck. She's 21 years old, never had a significant relationship and she's on her way to graduating but life keeps getting in the way. There's Noah, that white guy, the guy that she falls so crazy in love w...

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Rant For The Pissed And Tired

Rant For The Pissed And Tired

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When I Think of a Broken Heart

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Why do we read plot-less shit? Why do we settle for cookie-cutter romances and dilapidated story lines? Why can't we create something magical for once? Why can't we create something that's so realistic or fantastical that it comes to life?

dark skin,
I'm with @honestchick on this one and I couldn't have said it better. It's nothing personal...well maybe it is, but it's just the way things are. It's like a cause and effect (or affect, I'm still working on my grammar) type thing. What europeans did hundreds of years of ago still affects the world today. Just because black slavery is over (because there are other forms of slavery) doesn't mean that black people are ok again. We lost our homes, our culture, our pride, our innocence and that can't be forgotten. It's unfair that some white people who aren't racist are treated like that...it's like the sins of the father continue to revisit the children. And think about it this way: some black people still have a slaves mentality that has been passed down from generation to generation. I'm all for equality, but america hasn't been very equal to black people and most of us are still resentful. When we can get past the hurt and pain that we and our ancestors had to deal with, only then will we be able to think of ourselves as equals and look as white people as just people and not the enemy. 

^my grammar and spelling is off! Sorry.