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I hardly write anymore. I have PLENTY of ideas, I can just never write them up.

Just for those who wonder about my stories, I UPDATE LIKE A TURTLE. Srs I get writers block 99% of the year, so if you stumble upon my stories, you better go find some others to read in the mean time. My grammar is also terrible, but I Hope the plot makes up for it. :D

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Rules? There Are No Rules Here (DISCONTINUED)

Rules? There Are No Rules Here (DISCONTINUED)

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Nov 30, 2013PG-13Completed
The day the world ended was a normal one. It was a Tuesday and School had just gotten out. I remember walking home because the bus was slow and ... read more
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Gotta love a story where the main character shares a name with you. :P Not a half bad read so far. C:
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How come I get the feeling that, because there's been so much Hunter x Pepper action going on lately, that it's not going to happen for a long...
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Just, JUST EAT THE FREAKING FLOWER REYNA COMEON. The amount of frustration I have right now is too damn high and I just- ugh.
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