My name is Emily, I live in the good U.S.A. and I'm 21 years old. I am a pure OTAKU and love almost any anime you sit in front of me. I LOVE YAOI!! The Yaoi Novel "Only the Ring Finger Knows" is what made me a yaoi fan. I've read 1-3, still waiting to read 4&5.

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Ai no Kusabi, Angel Feather, Enzai, Gakuen Heaven, Gravitation, Hey, Class President, Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, Junjou Romantica, Kirepapa, Okane ga nai, Papa to Kiss in the Dark, Sensitive Pornograph, Sex Pistols, Yebisu Celebrities

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Name: Gol D. Erika

General Personality:
Erika is a rather mysterious character that none of the Straw Hat Pirates really know about. As a child she was very childish, loving and caring. After the execution of her parents (Father: Gol D. William, younger brother of Pirate King Gold Roger, and Rosalie "Rose", younger sister to "Red-Haired" Shanks)  her childish personality slowly disappeared. Now she's more serious, but at the same time a bit laid-back. When the time calls for it she's quick to act and defend her friends and allies. Her title as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates isn't specified, but she is mostly see either training with Zoro or helping Ussop with his inventions are repairing any damages Luffy causes the ship (before Franky joins the crew). Erika does on the other hand specialize in throwing knives and wields a long handle ax that her father gave her. Later she finds out that the ax was made from a Sennenryu (Millennium Dragon). The ax head from the teeth, handle from the bones and at the end has two green feathers and one white feather.

She was told by her parents to never reveal her full name to people unless she could really trust them. By keeping her name a secret she also keeps the identity of her parents as well.  Erika also possesses Devil Fruit abilities known as the Ryo Ryo no Mi (Dragon Dragon Fruit), a Zoan Type Devil's Fruit. This allows her to transform into a Sennenryu (Millennium Dragon).

Appearance: Erika has lower waist length, sandy brown hair and blue eyes that change color depending on her mood. She stands at 5'4" and is of normal-size. At the beginning of her journey she's the same age as her Captain (Luffy), 17. She is usually seen wearing a pair of long black socks, knee length brown boots, black tight shorts underneath a tan skirt with light blue rim, black top that only covers her chest and a light blue blazer top. Some times she'll wear a long coat.