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Hello :) I'm Mel!
I LOVE My Chemical Romance!!. And One Direction!<<<I'm in love with the blonde one! 
Bands i like;Paramore,Pierce The Veil!,Fall out boy,5 Seconds of Summer,Relient K,Panic at The Disco!,Flyleaf,Blink 182,Ghost Town, Green Day

ǝɯ oʇ ɥɔnɯ ooʇ uɐǝɯ ʇ,uop ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ

 96% of teens won't stand up for God. Post this on your profile if your one of the 4% that will.

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.” ― Gerard Way <3

♥If You Ever Felt Alone
♥If You Ever Felt Rejected
♥If You Ever Felt Confused
♥If You Ever Felt Anxious
♥If You Ever Felt Wrong
♥If You Ever Felt Wronged
♥If You Ever Felt Unclean
♥If You Ever Felt Angry
♥If You Ever Felt Ashamed
♥If You Ever Felt Curious
My Brutal Romance♥
My Beautiful Romance♥
My Innocent Romance♥
My Childish Romance♥
My Miserable Romance♥
My X Rated Romance♥
My Harlequin Romance♥
My Innocent Romance♥
My Scandalous Romance♥
My Watercooler Romance♥
My Chemical Romance!♥

 Mirror mirror on the wall.I want to be pretty,thin,and tall.
Mirror mirror if I fix my hair.Maybe someone will start to care.
 Mirror mirror,if I starve myself.At least i'll be beautiful,forget my health.
 Mirror,mirror,if I cut my wrist.Will anyone notice that I exist?
 Don't Do Self Harm.
Need anyone to talk to inbox me
❒ Single  ❒ Taken  ✔Mentally dating Niall Horan!


Not Much of a Romance(GerardWay/MCR Fanfic)NEEDTOEDIT!

Not Much of a Romance(GerardWay/MCR Fanfic)NEEDTOEDIT!

12 parts / 11 pages, updated May 11, 2014PG-13
2,822 reads votes 78 comments 32
It's Not That Great

It's Not That Great

8 parts / 1 page, updated Jun 19, 2013PG-13
Random stuff I wrote,and other thoughts.. This is copyright Enjoy
369 reads votes 15 comments 16
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