My name is Robert Helliger.

I am a  single 41  year old  genre writer from Narre Warren, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

I like writing, exercise, movies, and  music, reading, women, and overseas travel.

I enjoy horses, cats, and dogs.

And I have a  second music job working with people with disabilities and mental illness at Wild@HeART Community Arts in North Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where I do stage management/social media promotional work when not writing.

Favorite authors are
Stephen King, Robert Bloch, Gary Brandner, Anne Rice, Richard Laymon, George R R Martin, J R R Tolkien, Roald Dahl, Shirley Jackson, Peter Straub, Dean Koontz, Raymond E Feist, and James Patterson,  James M Cain, Raymond Chandler, and Brian Keene.

Favorite music: classic rock, classical, folk, independent, metal, grunge, pop.
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    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Vampires of Mist Gate The Modern Tales Book One

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Description: Mist Gate is in London, England, has a long, rich, blood soaked history where no one dares to travel back in the 19th Century. And, when Lord Simon and Lady Gemma Carnavan, (and their children), have all died out...after their war with the other fo...

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Editor's note: Edited Chapter Three of Vampires of Mist Gate Modern Tales. It fixes up the paragraphs, and concentrates on characters, plotting, set pieces, and so on.

I'll resume the book tomorrow.

Good night.
Author's note to readers: It is incredible that since I've begun Vampires of Mist Gate in 2012, that the new story has passed 50 reads...since I started it yesterday. 

I've posted the chapters...and prologue...when I can. Also, I've added the soundtrack and pictures in the media section.

Because of the success Book Two in the new Vampire series that has no mates, glowing, or anything to ruin true Vampire fans.

Read it...and be scared like my hero, Benjamin.