Status: I know she’s worried about all these girls that approach me acting flirty. See that's the thing: I don't give a fuck, I want your heart so baby give it up. In this life girl all we can do is try, forget that dumb stuff it's just you and I. We can travel round the world, moving through the sky; or we can stay right here and you'll be mine… (2 years ago)


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Speaks :
French (first language)
Arabic (native language)
I can read and write Arabic and Greek.

Music : 
Guns N’ Roses!
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
The Doors

TV :
The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Family Guy
The Misfits
That '70s Show
Dr House
Friday Night Lights 
I used to be a Gilmore Girls fan, but I quit when she dump Jess. 
GLEEK! Sam ♥ 

Movies :
Back To The Future
Across The Universe
Fight Club
Pulp Fiction
A Hard Day’s Night
The latest Star Trek movie
Any other movie with Leonardo DiCaprio young (or with Johnny Depp for that matter) 


"In the end, the love you make is equal to the love you take" - The Beatles

"Before Guns N' Roses got signed, I had no job and was living in a vomit-stained garage that was about as charming as a South American jail. All of my energy went into day-to-day survival and working to further the band, one show at a time. Once Guns N' Roses was signed I didn't have to worry about money, food, or shelter. This minor sense of stability was unfamiliar to me; I had no concern for acquiring any of the trappings of normal life, so what seemed to be a blessing to me was almost a curse." - Slash, former lead guitarist of record-breaking (for drugs, mostly) '80s rock'n'roll band Guns N' Roses.

Concerts : 
KISS : 06/17/2008
Iron Maiden : 07/02/2008
ZZ Top : 07/10/2008
AC/DC : 02/27/2009
Metallica : 04/02/2009
Deep Purple : 09/19/2009
Eric Clapton : 05/25/2010
SLASH  ♥ : 06/20/2010
Aerosmith : 06/29/2010
Guns N' Roses ♥ : 09/13/2010
SLASH  ♥ (I know, AGAIN!) : 07/12/2011

Kerri-Louise: AMAZING WRITER, go check her out now! She's also the kindest and nicest person I've ever known. I luvya baby cakes <3

PLEASE, don't advertise your stories on my board. It's just rude, there's forums for that kind of thing and I won't even read your story, so.... Thanks.


Best Friends With Benefits

Best Friends With Benefits

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Late Bloomers

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The Trash Can

The Trash Can

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A collection of random one shot stories I've written... Tell me if I should continue or not by voting!
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The Broke Heartbreaker

The Broke Heartbreaker

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Lily Sanders is broke. Actually, broke is an understatement, she's basically poor. Instead of having a bunch of jobs, she decided to do it the easy way. She uses the... read more
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@Joy_Xx Hahaha, thank you :) And yeah, I am continuing this story, I just don't upload regularly, and my fans hate me for that :(
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