I love reading basically anything! I love music, especially singing and playing the piano. Throw any book at me and I will read it, I also love youtubers!
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Description: I ordered a soda and headed to the restroom, but ran into someone on the way. It was him, my true love. We eat lunch with the boys from One Direction (My guy is one of them!!!) After lunch he takes me to his house............how far will we go...


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A Day In The Life of A Bullied Cancer Victim

A Day In The Life of A Bullied Cancer Victim

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I have cancer. It's rough, read it to see what my life is like. I am bullied everyday, like most of the...



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Help.....I need help......my life is a wreck and I can't get off of this roller coaster of drama, depres...

HE IS GONE!!!!! I CAN NOT....ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT BELIEVE ZAYN MALIK QUIT!!!!! WHY GOD????? Well I guess like he said "I grew up and it felt right to quite after being in the band for five years." ~Zayn Malik. But One Direction is going to keep going and their world tour is still on with just the four of them (Niall, Harry, Louis & Liam) but it won't be the same. The four of them are going to try and release their fifth album later this year but everyone PLEASE REMEMBER ZAYN MALIK!!! Just because he left doesn't mean we hate him, or send him or Perrie Edwards hate. It's Zayn's life not ours but we will forever love him! I know Zayn won't be reading this but if you are: I love you, and all of One Direction. You will forever be considered a part of One Direction! We will not forget you. Congrats on your engagement and I hope you future will be full of success, happiness, laughter, memories and love! I am heartbroken you left but I understand you grew up and need to move on. I love you! Yea, yea I know he will never read that but One Direction taught me to have hope so I am hoping that maybe just maybe he will read that! One Direction taught me and showed me a lot of things: 1) You are beautiful 2) I am beautiful 3) Love yourself 4) Love everyone even your enemies 5) Don't cut, don't commit suicide you are too good! God put you on this Earth for many reasons, one is to live and EXIST and many MANY MANY more things! #directioner #love #zaynmalik #onedirection #ONEDIRECTIONBRIT #8mile
@KATIECANNIBAL I am crying right now. I miss you so much and you haven't even left town yet, school isn't going to be the same and neither is my life. You were a big inspiration and you made a huge impact in my life (in a good way!) I am changing for the better, and have been for a while now. Everyone is going to miss you so much!! I hope you had a good day, well as good as a last day can be, you got a lot of presents and at th  end of the day people were hugging you ans saying goodbye. We got pictures together, the whole group. I didn't really say goodbye I said I didn't want you to go so here is ny goodbye. Goodbye Kaytlyn I will miss you and I already miss you! I will keep in touch with you and I always will remember you! <3 ~Riley~
HUGE SHOUT OUT TO: @KATIECANNIBAL tomorrow is your last day of school at tour's before you move Saturday and by the time you read this it will probably already be Friday (aka: your last day) or Saturday unless I tell you to read it in primetime lol so anyway I am going to miss you a ton! You may not have been a really close friend of mine but you were and always will be my friend or good friend I love ya! You are amazing and don't get creeper out I say I love ya to everyone lol but I will miss you to so let's spread this message please! And spread the hashtags #misskaytlyn #@KATIECANNIBAL #loveya #trulyamazingperson #foreverincontact #foreverinourmemories I am going to miss you so much I am crying writing this right now I don't want to see you go but I really hope you make best friends right away and you will you are a really nice caring and kind and funny person don't be scared and remember all of us back from your hometown!