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Hey, I'm Darby. I'm basically here to share my stories. I do like reading some on occasion so just ask and I'll read your story. I really hope for people to give me feedback on my writing so I can make it better where it's needed. 

Now onto me. I guess I'm pretty outgoing so if you want to send a message and talk I'll definitely reply. [: I love reading and writing which is why I'm on this site. I'm always writing when I have spare time. Although, I am pretty busy so I won't be able to update my stories every day. 

Hmm...what else. I love animals, especially giraffes, and my favorite color is yelow in case you're curious. [; I tend to use smiley faces way too much so I'll try and tone it down a little. 

I guess there really isn't much to say. If you want to get to know me, message me! I'll be glad to make a new friend. [:

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You had good descriptions that already helped to get an idea of the personalities of your characters. I like it. [:
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