Sorry, HIM book is on hold until editing is resolved. Thanks for understanding.
      Making horror awesome!
      Penname is ℛichard Staschy.
      My writing is warped and wrack. I take much joy writing outside the box because I want to impress the reader.  I write Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Thrillers… and sometimes I’ll mix them in the blender for fun.
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The Notebook [COMPLETED]

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Description: The Notebook: Matt Walker kept a record of the strange events in his notebook... [Please note: The Notebook is a completed story.]


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A Girl and her Dog (Zombie Horror)

A Girl and her Dog (Zombie Horror)

10.9K 227 173

A Schoolgirl, a talking dog, a top secret underground research lab hidden inside a school, and zombies t...

The Safety Word [BSDM horror]

The Safety Word [BSDM horror]

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A BSDM horror! It was all fun and games until Jack entered the forbidden zone.

Dragon's Nest [COMPLETED]

Dragon's Nest [COMPLETED]

220K 2.9K 625

The daughter of a very famous wizard is on a quest to slay the most annoying dragon in the town called:...

Ok, a friend suggested to me that my talent is too good to be assuming as a copycat to R L Stine... So I'm going to play with the Staschy penname a little longer.
      I just posted Love Hurts on Amazon. The story is going for 99 cents and my wife also edited the short story. 
      The story will be listed free but I'm not sure when. Right now I'm trying to figure out awesome way's to market myself as a writer outside of wattpad. I'm open for suggestions :)
Sorry, I had not been on here for sometime (like I usually do). We been busy working on the editing of HIM. We are finished with the first 100 pages! My wife is currently drawing pictures for my younger horror story "Please Don't Feed the Fish Belly Button Lint!" which will be posted on Amazon under a secondary pen name R L Staschy.  For those that don't know I'm using a secondary pen name for stories that are not as intense as HIM. 
      Right now I have 2 short stories posted. The Lighthouse and The Bear Trap. Both stories are going for 99 cents! 
      If you have a Kindle Matchbook plan then these books are FREE! (Please take advantage of the insanity)
      And yes... My bank account is still at negative 100,000 dollars! (so I NEED a lot of 99 cent books sold - lol)
lol... I woke up today and found myself a 100,000 dollars in the HOLE! 
      How did this happen?
      Funny story: On Friday I cashed my check at the ATM and the ATM screwed up and credited me 100,000.00 dollars more then my check. Well, I didn't want the FBI come knocking on my door so I reported the incident at my bank. They had me call the people up and explain the situation. Which I had done so in 3 different occasions. 
      Anyway... instead of the bank correcting the mistake by removing the extra zeros... they went by... giving me 100,000 dollars and then taking it away. Which would be ok... right... well what the bank also did is took away my paycheck (-1000.00) while my paycheck wasnt cashed... so the -1000.00 was taken way from my bank account. Then the bank gave me 100,000 dollars and took 100,000 dollar away... Ok... but this gets better.
      I was -90 dollars on the end of Friday, so I called my bank Friday night to correct this. The guy (or girl) said OH, they'll fix this but it takes 2 days...
      Ok, 2 days later, I noticed that the bank didn't actually correct the numbers, all they did is give me 100,000 dollars and took it away. So I called them this morning. This guy (or girl) said oh I see what they did wrong, then the guy (or girl) said they will give back the 1000.00 dollars and my pay check will be on hold for less then 5 days to find out what happen. I said thanks and ok.
      Anyway a few hours later I looked at the bank and the bank took an additional 100,000.00 dollars from my bank account!
      HOLY COW... yes, I have a -100,000.00 dollars on my bank account. I think I'll call them tomorrow but I'm afraid they are going to take another 100,000.00 dollars from me... 
      True story and I did took a iphone picture of the account.
My wife thinks R L Staschy is a cool secondary penname... I feel funny about it because it seemed similar to R L Stine... What do you think?
      Looks like I need a new Pen Name. My wife and her uncle thinks that I should have another pen name for my not so violent horror stuff (Dragon's Nest and Please Don't Feed the Fish Belly Button Lint!)
      After some talk I'm at the agreement with them. 
      I'm open for suggestions... thanks :)

Thanks. This was a violent 'unfinished' short story that was intended for a horror smackdown. I'd soon realized while writing this story that it was too graphic for the contest so I rewrote a different story (which is called 'The Lighthouse' and currently posted on Amazon)
      I wasnt going to post this short (because it was unfinished) but I changed my mind when I finally got 3,000 fans and I felt I needed to post something newish... I'd posted the story and got some good feedback, then I took it off and reposted to this little book (which seemed to work with the theme). 
      I'm working on a new short for this book and when it's finished I'll be reposting it here :)