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Sorry, HIM book is on hold until editing is resolved. Thanks for understanding. [Edit Update: The first 150 pages is finished!]

Making horror awesome!

Penname is ℛichard Staschy.

My writing is warped and wrack. I take much joy writing outside the box because I want to impress the reader. I write Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Thrillers… and sometimes I’ll mix them in the blender for fun.


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Kiss My Silver Bullet: Must Kill Simon Cowell

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Description: Kiss My Silver Bullet is a horror story with baditude! If you’re a new reader to the series… well you’re in one hell of a fucked-up roller-coaster ride! Kiss My Silver Bullet is foul, rude, offensive, demeaning and loaded with assholeness. If yo...

Thanks. This is a fun story and Kiss My Silver Bullet was inspired by those hating wattpad fanfiction and those that are looking for a little folklore in the story. Poppy Seeds is part of the folklore :)
      I'm currently chipping away at the bugs in book so it's not posted yet on Amazon. Once I have the book posted, I'll have it free for 2 days so all my fans can grab a copy.
HIndia150 posted a message to RichardStaschy
Hello, sir. I hope you're doing really well. I really don't like this new version of Wattpad. It confuses me, unnecessarily! Can't we have the delightful old one back? Haha
      I missed reading your awesome books! :)