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Making horror awesome!

Penname is ℛichard Staschy.

My writing is warped and wrack. I take much joy writing outside the box because I want to impress the reader. I write Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Thrillers… and sometimes I’ll mix them in the blender for fun.


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Kiss My Silver Bullet: Must Kill Simon Cowell

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Description: Kiss My Silver Bullet is a horror story with baditude! If you’re a new reader to the series… well you’re in one hell of a fucked-up roller-coaster ride! Kiss My Silver Bullet is foul, rude, offensive, demeaning and loaded with assholeness. If yo...

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Hi there I just got you're wish for a happy Mothers day,So I thought I would let you know that I'm in the UK where Mothers day has come and gone months ago.
      So I wish all the Mothers in the USA a happy time and let them smile all day through (thru). Mark.P
Happy Mother's Day this weekend!
      Love Hurts is going to be FREE for the next 2 days! Please tell your friends, fans, neighbors, the barking dog and your mother too... (Well, if your mom is into creepy horror stories). 
Love Hurts is going to be Free on May 9th and May 10th! Please tell your friends, family, the mailman, the milkman, the candlestick maker and that creepy guy that keeps following you around the neighborhood... 
      Sorry, the promotion is going to be 2 days only. 
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