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Penname is ℛichard Staschy.

My writing is warped and wrack. I take much joy writing outside the box because I want to impress the reader.  I write Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Thrillers… and sometimes I’ll mix them in the blender for fun.


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HIM [Zombie Epic Horror - Completed] [Wattys2014]

Social data: 69.8K reads. 3K votes. 743 comments.

Description: A deranged serial killer during the pre-zombie apocalypse is loose in the city. HE’S kidnapping woman! What HE does with HIS victims is a mystery. Read about the manhunt that is so sick and twisted that you’ll never look at a zombie movie again!

#431 in Horror

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Please Don't Feed the Fish Belly-Button Lint

Please Don't Feed the Fish Belly-Button Lint

59 1 0

A silly little horror story inspired from Goosebumps...

The Safety Word [COMPLETED]

The Safety Word [COMPLETED]

1.9K 62 101

A BSDM horror! It was all fun and games until Jack entered the forbidden zone.

#232 in Horror
Love Hurts [Wattys2014] [COMPLETED]

Love Hurts [Wattys2014] [COMPLETED]

1.3K 48 99

¡ʞɔᴉs ʇɐɥʇ ʇ,usɐʍ ǝɥ ʇɐɥʇ ʇno punoɟ ǝɥs uǝɥʇ ˙˙˙puǝᴉɹɟʎoq ʞɔᴉs ɐ...

Kiss My Silver Bullet! (Books 1 & 2 Completed)

Kiss My Silver Bullet! (Books 1 & 2 Completed)

38.7K 1.1K 621

Horror with Baditude! Fanfiction that kicks vampires, werewolves, demons and anything else in the BALL...


@the_angel_from_hell Thanks. I had lots of fun in writing Dragon's Nest. (It was a little different then most of my other stories because I was writing some thing fun, funny and cute)

The pretty bookcover was given to me from a fan of the story on Booksie. 

I'm excited to work on part 2. I got myself rewriting 'HIM' for the 4th time, this rewrite is a preliminary for the E-book version, and it kind of got everything on hold.

Harold loves the taste of Malcomb!  And the old maids in Dragon’s Nest make the finest Malcomb in the world.  This is the very reason why he chose the lair so close to Dragon’s Nest.  This is...
Yes... Malcomb is a dish to die for. Kings had waged wars for the secret of Malcomb and Dragon's find the taste... well, the best thing they had ever had in their mouths :)