Thank You for visiting my page and looking at all of my stories. I am not a writer. I dabble in the art of writting. I have other plans in my life besides becoming an author. But I love to write and I write for me because it makes me happy. I also love to read so if you have any suggestions or would like me to read your stories just send me a private message and I would be happy to get to it when I can. A few things you should know. One: I currently have someone editing all my stories if they feel up to it. If not that oops I lied. But thank you a thousand times over for all your hard work and I would dedicate all of my stories to you for all your help if I could but That is a lot of effort and I have very little time to sit here and dedicate everything. Second thing and this is very importaint so listen closly;I am in the United States Air Force. It is my primary job. I get paid for it and I love what I do. I will post when I can but it will not be every day or even every week. If I haven't posted in a while I am very sorry but I have probably been working on it when I can. Please stick with me and don't get mad at me for not posting for a while. It makes me sad. And you do not make a girl with a gun sad. Ha! Izzi should say that! If you read my stories you will understand what I just said. Now the third and final thing is: Please comment. I don't care if you comment on my page comment on the story of what just please tell me what you think. Anything would be awsome even if it's "dear God you suck at this go die in a hole." Not the best comment but I still got one and it told me I needed to work harder on my writting. Sort of. Anyway that's all I will post when I can. Thank you for reading!
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Description: This is the sequal to I Spy With My Little Eye. Sort of. After Eli and Grace went into hiding, Isaia (Izzi) and Levi (Dick) have been sent on a mission to shut down all of Loco's opporating areas. But with Izzi constantly picking up and leaving wi...

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For everyone who is reading and is pointing out the technicalities of color blindness: I know how color blind works, it runs in my family. If you read further you learn Eli's story. Do not take anything anyone says at face value. The characters my seem flat at first but as you get into the series you will learn back stories, see how the characters grow and understand the dynamics of their personalities.