>//Basic Things to Know About Emwah c
Well first things first, my name is Lilli, I lived in Germany four years, and am now currently living in Texas. I've been on Wattpad now for at least a year. I currently only have one completed story up on Wattpad. Obviously, I'm a big fanatic when it comes to Romance novels and stories. I'm a deep sleeper, a book worm, a very big Martha Stewart, and sometimes a very big couch potato. Sometimes I think I come off as bitchy or rude, but I'm actually really friendly and out going.
>//My Writing
As I've said, I've only written one story done and completed on Wattpad. (Keep it Cute and Petite) Obviously its a romance story and for any further details read the summary or just read the book itself. c; The more the readers means *possibly* more votes, comments, or fans!
Currently I am working on several stories, some are just random out of the blue ones I probably have no interest in sharing on Wattpad. Others are probably what I do intend on posting onto Wattpad, most likely writers block (sound familliar???) if it isn't up, or I'm currently on vacation (which usually doesn't stop me from getting on wattpad) and can't post. Right now I have "Call Me a Slut, I Dare You" up but I really haven't advanced to any new chapters, or posting them at least. Hence Wattpad has shut down the "Share Your Story" club I haven't really attempted advertising my story to get a start on people reading it. So if you had any questions on why I haven't posted any of it there you go.

>// Thanks for reading! If you did >.>
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Description: Brooklyn is a young sixteen year old girl, not enjoying life so much. Back at home is rough, hence her father is one of the wealthiest men in the country, and is always too busy to look her way for once. Or as she would say, "Doesn't give two shits"...

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Keep it Cute and Petite (Completed and Slowly being edited)

Keep it Cute and Petite (Completed and Slowly being edited)

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Sophia Brooks is a young Californian girl. When her parents and aunt are killed the only family she has...