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Why hello there!Did MissyLovesAndySixx send you here?Oh,she did?I'll be sure to thank her the next time she writes about me.Yes,I said writes about me as in I'm a fictional character!Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Well,for starters I live in Canada and am half-Mexican and half-Canadian.Cool right?I have black hair that falls over my eyes and stops at my chin,I love my hair long as you may be able to tell from my profile picture.I have grey eyes that most people say are mysterious and almost never show what I really feel which is a good thing sometimes.

I'm what most people call 'Emo.'I'm quiet and tend to keep to myself.Before you even ask,no,I don't cut.I'm not like that.I'm more of a lover than a fighter,a hugger than a puncher.I wear mostly black and red and listen to Scream-o music.My favorite band would have to be the Black Veil Brides.

Their lead vocalist and screamer Andy Biersack is unbelievably hot,or as some people would say sexier than socks on a rooster (I watched Footloose this weekend!Can you tell?")*GASP*

You didn't know I was Gay?Well,no cookies for you then!I make the best cookies around by the way.And for those of you who didn't know I was in love once,with a boy named Caleb.Caleb the boy who broke my heart when our relationship was outed.

Well,I've moved on and I'm falling in love all over again with a boy named Randy.My enemy's twin brother and undeniably the hottest guy at our school.Instead of me telling you what happens how about you go read my story of love and hate.MissyLovesAndySixx is writing it and it's called Are We Really Meant To Be.Well,what are you waiting for?Go read it!


The Way We Were (Draco Malfoy Love Story) *BoyxBoy*

The Way We Were (Draco Malfoy Love Story) *BoyxBoy*

3 pages, updated Nov 11, 2011PG-13Pictures
1,656 reads votes 5 comments 5
Poetry By Kyle Davidson

Poetry By Kyle Davidson

1 page, updated Nov 11, 2011G
Just poetry written by mwah,Kyle Andrew Davidson!Well now you know my middle name as well see you learn new things every day
76 reads votes 3 comments 6

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The Way We Were (Draco Malf...

@LiveLoveLaughJoy Thanks,I wanted someone to actually like this story but I didn't think that anyone actually would.The idea was from how I love...
The Way We Were (Draco Malf...

@DestinyBree2013 dudette I am a fictional character XD I seem real though don't I *grins slyly*
Poetry By Kyle Davidson