Hey there ;)
I'm Rei :p

I like potatoes and cookies  If you have fanned me, I love you, because you're dedicated, and amazing. So I love you more than words can say
--> If you have commented (whether you like my book or not) I appreciate your time, and I will take any constructive criticism gratefully.
--> If you have voted, GOD BLESS YOU. I love you.
--> If you've added my story to your library/favourites/reading list/or any other list, I salute you honorably because you actually care enough to add it there.

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I love you all truly, and Im sorry for being such a slow updater. I̶'̶m̶ ̶L̶a̶z̶y̶  I procrastinate too much :3

Thank you so much for the support guys, you all mean the world to me <3 xxx
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Sports Camp?! {{Sequel to Dance Camp?!}}

Social data: 152 reads. 5 votes. 1 comments.

Description: Rachel Davis's summer was over, she was back home with her family, and was in daily contact with the IM5 member Cole Pendery. Rachel and her best friend promised to enjoy their summer together this year, but will her offer that Cole offered her and...

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Dance Camp - A Cole Pendery / IM5 Fan Fiction

Dance Camp - A Cole Pendery / IM5 Fan Fiction

96.4K 1.1K 289

Rachel Davis is a normal girl who loves sports and IM5 more than anything, apart from sports, of course...

You've Got that One Thing! -In Editing-

You've Got that One Thing! -In Editing-

10.4K 74 21

Cadee Ann Williams, best friends with Harry Edward Styles during school. Being the amazing friend Cadee...