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Description: Not-so-single girl meets not-so-single boy. Chance encounters, flirty banter, those beautiful tiger eyes and an electricity-charged kiss. Forbidden, complicated, maddening – and ultimately, soul-changing.

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ReeechBeeetch commented on Flaw - Flaw - Epilogue: Flaw

Thank you. For someone who supposedly doesn't like Rob, you still stuck through the end (haha I'm teasing). Appreciate the love and the really entertaining comments! Cheers!

"Everything's been wrong, right from the start," he said, shaking his head, his eyes avoiding mine. "It was wrong for me to pursue you, so stupid to run after you. I admit... you excited me. But that...
I think, at this point, you secretly liked Rob 
@PrettyPrimrose I only read this now for some random reason. Thank you, thank you for reading Flaw and Last. And it means that I met my objective in making you feel sincerely regretful about Kara and Rob. Cheers! ❤️

Rob really had to be the exception to this rule. How come everything was so complicated when it came to him? Wasn't there a simple answer somewhere? Or wasn't there at least an easy round? He simply...
Pretty intense response. I. Love. It.