Hi, my name is Disney Gordwin. I'm 18 years old and currently a senior in high school. I've been writing stories, songs, essays, and poems since i was 6 and have had a passion for that and the arts department , along with historic artifacts for quite some time. It always fascinated me with how there was always so much that was out there to think, dream, explore, and even have the ability to see beyond the human eye of the world. I have this huge fascination with Greek Mythology, and anything of the Paranormal or Supernatural sense. I'm a beginner when it comes to writing my stories outside of the paper notebooks. So all I'm basically asking for a chance and a shot to see what my capability is with other people outside of my classroom.

Let me know what you think of the books i post by posting commentary and vote, vote, please!!!!!

Books so far:
Liliana the first daughter of Poisedon and Aphrodite the water child

Books in procession:
My Dark Seductive Concussion
Queen of a Sexual World
The Vampire and The Angel
A Taste of Heaven's Finest
A Dreamy Ordeal
Passion Unbounded
Love Unrestrained
Temptation Revealed
The Curtain Call
The Power of Passion Untamed

My Website:
http://www. Facebook.com/MzDedeDooney

Please email me any request or idea's that you would like for me to add to my stories!!! You can also email me about my story and give me some critic about the books I've written!!!

Thank all of you guys so much I would like with your critic, comments, votes, and persuasive ideals to help me become a better writer in my works!!! Wish Me Luck!!!

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Liliana *The 1st daughter of Poisedon and Aphrodite ~The Water Child~*

Liliana *The 1st daughter of Poisedon and Aphrodite ~The Water Child~*

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This story talks about a girl named Liliana the water child of Aphrodite & Poisedon. She is the one out...