"Somewhere down under all that Vermont clay was my father, Haven Peck. Buried deep in the land he sweated so hard on and longed to own so much. And now it owned him."

In the end we all return to the beginning. And the land will own us.

I'm a girl who likes to read. I usually stick with a handful of genres, probably because I like the protagonist to be near my age. I love movies, the action and the horror, especially when I can come up with a prediction for the ending and it's correct. I want to be a veterinarian, but I also fiddled with the idea of being an editor for a publishing company but decided to go with my main passion which is helping animals. I love protecting wildlife but that won't stop me from finding the biggest cheeseburger I can and devouring it. I like to root for the underdog and trample the bullies. I believe it's important to be who you want to be and not to let anyone change who you really are. I'm a very open person but I still feel complex and can't figure myself out sometimes. But I know for sure that I speak my mind and I call out on the BS. I'd like to think that I'm really down to earth. Wattpad has been home for me for a long time and I enjoy it everyday. One day I'll publish my own story and give it my all, but for now I will continue to read the fruits of your labor and critique it in a way that I hope it will help you and your audience.
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Although Nicole told me several times that she was ready, that she had even gone on the pill after speaking about it with her mother, I knew that I wasn’t ready. I knew that Nicole’s first time deser...
@HannahSaccasan Yes, the most basic reason of sex is for making babies. But we are not in a time period were we need to have children every time we have sex. We have a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Why is it so wrong to not have a child every time you have sex? Sex is more than just a way to reproduce. It's a way to connect with your partner and many other things. I feel sorry that you have such a one dimensional way of thinking.
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And to the person who started all this by putting it up there - I have never been so disappointed in a human being in my entire life.
Wait until you have kids, it's not a heinous crime just a misguided effort to show appreciation
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I am currently trying to get it off Goodreads so please do not go there and add it or review it. Also know, if I cannot get the book off Goodreads, then I will more than likely delete it from wattpad...
I think that's going far