Name: Camille (French name)
Age: LOL...u don't need to know..
Height: hmm..5'3 and a half i'm SHORT! sux
Eye Colour: Green! How I wish...brown.
Hair Colour: Black, dark brown...
Nationality: Filipina (ASSSIIANNNN)
Fave Colour: Blood Red & Black (I'm not emo.)
Fave Food: Not sure...
Actor/Actress: Emma Watson (she's sooo pretty!!) and...Kellan Lutz lol, he's just pretty.. ;)
Fave Band: Tokio Hotel, Escape the Fate, Black Veil Brides, Bullet For My Valentine..
Fave Song: Hmmm..right now..it is Kryptonite by Three Doors Down..I absolutely LOVE that song...
Fave Subject: English & Art
Most Hated Subject: Maths..ugh,,,gaaayyyy AS!
Hobbies: writing stories, listening to music & READING!!!
Favourite Book: Clockwork Prince, Safehaven, Hush Hush, Dear John, The Pact uhm...nd so many more that I can't list down...;D
Favourite Author: Cassandra Clare, Richelle Mead, Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult..agen more...

More stuff about me!
-Loves Cassandra Clare & Nicholas Sparks so much! *SQUEAL SQUEAL*
-Is a girl! Yeah, no shit!
-Hates people who are plastics/fakes/bitches/liars
-Is easily distracted
-Doesn't edit her work...
-Secretly likes woodwork
-Has major mood swings...
-Hates cats because of their creepy eyes...*shivers*
-On her way to becoming a doctor
-Favourite phrase-"Shut the hell up, mofo..." lol lol! love saying that for some reason...ha ha.
-IS SCARED THAT THE WORLD MIGHT END soon...and no, I don't think that because I've watched the movie! Oh wait, the movie is real? OHMIGOSH...the world is endiinnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg!!!

ha ha ha...I figured I should change this now and then...anways, enjoy my profile and my stories. x) 

So, if you want to talk to me about anything..then just PM me here..=D

-Camille x

Ooh, ooh. P.S. Here's my tumblr -->>> http://adoring-the-scars-of-life.tumblr.com/ follow me if you like! xD
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