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Hey, I'm Eyawna Renee & I live in California.

FUN. I don't ever want a moment in my life to be dull. OUTGOING/SPONTANEOUS. Give me something to work with. Maybe a conversation or two that I can engage in? I love to play volleyball, Can you dig it?, Drinking Arizona Iced Tea, oh yess., and coloring my world ;] Visiting my family is an adventure.(: &&as for my bestfriends, well, I took all the good ones, sorry. ;] Music is life, "soon as you hear it, pump up the volume!" You can take this as a good or bad thing, but I "wear my heart on my sleeve" which I'll tell you now I despise ferris wheels and mascots, haha.

~WeIrD ThInGs~
I burst into laughter about things that happened yesterday.
I dance around my house when no one is home.
I am sarcastic and indecisive. 
I sing in the shower.

~Favorite Quote~

"I am not creative and ask strangers what I am like."

"My swag is your rival" 

 ಠ_ಠ "what the hell did you just say?"

┣▇▇▇═─ "Hammer Time"

√v^√v^√♥ "Stereo Love" 

Иaн...Bїтcн Ї'м Tнє MoFo Bё$т:)

PEACE, NeRdS! xD, JK:)


The Fight

The Fight

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