Hey there. 

I'm Laura, otherwise known as Raurz. 
I love words and I love expression.
I dabble in a lot of things and my writing reflects that.
Primarily I write gay fiction with a concoction of fantasy, gritty reality, science fiction, supernatural and romance, all mixed in with a healthy dose of emotional turbulence. I'm not shy about being graphic in my stories, just a warning. This includes adult content, horror themes and some that may contain triggers or emotional content. 
I hope you enjoy what I write and take responsibility for what you read, I do put warnings on my work. 
I'm pretty friendly so don't hesitate to ask me anything at all!

Thanks my lovelies,
Raurz xx
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The Day Love Stories Burned [boyxboy]

Social data: 7.6K reads. 161 votes. 54 comments.

Description: [Sequel To: There's The Cat and Then There's Me] [Contains sexual scenes] This is not a love story. Well, that’s a lie; it was once upon a time, maybe in some distant fairytale. Once it was perfect between him and I. Accel Hilman. I wish I could g...

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There's The Cat and Then There's Me [boyxboy]

There's The Cat and Then There's Me [boyxboy]

63.6K 1K 76

[WARNING: Graphic Sexual Scenes] Welcome to Andrew James Johanessy's life and mind. Seventeen years old...

Red Rose [bxb]

Red Rose [bxb]

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He is one of the forbidden, a child born with the power to control the supernatural, the cursed magic. F...

Dreamer [boyxboy]

Dreamer [boyxboy]

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Dreams come true. Well in Drake's case they do. After being haunted by terrifying nightmares every night...

The Laceration Syndrome [boyxboy]

The Laceration Syndrome [boyxboy]

1.9K 72 16

Have you ever felt the blade of a knife against your skin? Have you ever felt it drag slowly, watched th...

I'm in New Zealand for two weeks! Will start uploading once I'm back in Australia, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years! 
Raurz xx
Hello, hello, hello everyone! 
So as you guys have probably figured out, I have pretty much been completely MIA this year and last year... and the year before that. But there's super good news for you guys... I'm back for good! Whoooo! Yes, I've finished my degree and am officially graduating in December, just before Christmas. Meanwhile, I've moved back in with my parents (ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) for a while, until I can get on my feet again and support myself. I'm pretty much dying from the heat and humidity—I mean, what's spring in Australia right? Where I live we have hot summer and slightly cooler summer. That's it, that's our seasons.—but it means I have so much extra time to write and I'm really excited! So, I'm gonna write out a list of what I hope to finish and hopefully I can stick by it! Thank you all so much for sticking by me, and 'hello!' to all my new followers—I hope you are enjoying my stories—I love all of you.

Raurz XX

1. The Day Love Stories Burned.
2. Bat Boy.
3. The Laceration Syndrome.
4. Dreamer
5. The Executioner's Son
6. Red Rose

Probably late next year:
1. Some boyxboy fairytale adaptations.
2. A boyxboy Titanic adapation ~ yes, be prepared for tears.
3. Some other cool ideas that you guys don't get to know yet ;D

Whoo, looking forward to it! Don't hesitate to talk to me and let me know your opinions! xx