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Hey there. 

I'm Laura. Everyone calls me Raurz though. 
I spend most of my time daydreaming, awkwardly trying to communicate with people and failing, reading, designing and drawing. 
I love horror movies, freaky stuff and obscure stuff.
I'm nineteen and live in Australia.
I'm pretty shy in real life because I don't get out much and am a pretty anxious person. Unfortunately I can get paranoid too, especially out in public and in big groups of people.
I love music and tastes change a lot.
I study Graphic Design, final year.
I support LGBT. Most of my writing is featured around that. 
Warning: My writing is graphic and for some people may contain triggers (sorry xx). 
Trust is a difficult thing for me.
My attention span is practically nil so I'm sorry if updates are sparse.

If you want to know more about me and my writing:

 Le Tumblr:



The Day Love Stories Burned [boyxboy]

The Day Love Stories Burned [boyxboy]

13 parts / 46 pages, updated Jan 17, 2014R
[Sequel To: There's The Cat and Then There's Me] [Contains sexual scenes] This is not a love story. Well, that’s a lie; it was once upon a time, maybe i... read more
7,308 reads votes 160 comments 52
Red Rose [bxb]

Red Rose [bxb]

2 pages, updated Nov 24, 2012
He is one of the forbidden, a child born with the power to control the supernatural, the cursed magic. Forgotten by his people since the union of the two powers, light and da... read more
642 reads votes 10 comments 2
Bat Boy [boyxboy]

Bat Boy [boyxboy]

8 parts / 14 pages, updated Jun 16, 2012PG-13
Nemamiah, is an guardian blooded angel, The Angel of Just Causes to be precise; defender of the defenseless. When the soul he is charged to care for is sentenced to condemn... read more
3,499 reads votes 83 comments 18
Dreamer [boyxboy]

Dreamer [boyxboy]

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Jun 04, 2012PG-13
Dreams come true. Well in Drake's case they do. After being haunted by terrifying nightmares every night for most of his life, it's a wonderful relief when Drake's unconsc... read more
380 reads votes 10 comments 5
The Laceration Syndrome [boyxboy]

The Laceration Syndrome [boyxboy]

8 parts / 18 pages, updated May 18, 2012PG-13
Have you ever felt the blade of a knife against your skin? Have you ever felt it drag slowly, watched the skin slice open beneath your eyes? Have you watche... read more
1,813 reads votes 72 comments 16
The Executioner's Son [boyxboy]

The Executioner's Son [boyxboy]

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Mar 23, 2012
Eighteen year old Kraill Dread knows the world at its darkest, he knows the misfortune and pain life can bring. After all, he is the son of the executioner.... read more
1,063 reads votes 19 comments 10
SILENCE, Screamed The Voiceless [boyxboy]

SILENCE, Screamed The Voiceless [boyxboy]

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Mar 12, 2012PG-13
Shizuka wasn't born without his voice, it was an accident. Either way, his life was never going to be normal from that point onwards. Only, it's abo... read more
2,611 reads votes 30 comments 11
There's The Cat and Then There's Me [boyxboy]

There's The Cat and Then There's Me [boyxboy]

34 parts / 116 pages, updated Dec 20, 2011RCompleted
[WARNING: Graphic Sexual Scenes] Welcome to Andrew James Johanessy's life and mind. Seventeen years old and he feels as if he has already hi... read more
59,348 reads votes 999 comments 71
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