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Hey wattpadders!!! This is my profile page...

I love animals, I love to write, I'm a typical teenage girl in highschool who dreams of getting big in some artsy way... Ya gotta <3 ME!

I will try to upload new chapters every day, if I can. 

I want to let everyone know this~

PLEASE vote for Sacred Magic and Blood Kisses!!! I want to get them on the 'Whats Hot' list!!! That would be amazing!!! Please help me with my GOAL!!!

My Stories~

Sacred Magic~ (ON HOLD)
Kaida isn’t just your average sixteen year old. She’s different, in a VERY complicated way. For one thing, she’s a witch. For another, a huge white wolf named Luna follows her around, and can read and respond to her thoughts. Thirdly, there are secrets about her that even she hasn’t uncovered. And finally, there are dark creatures trying to murder her. She admits it, her life is pretty messed, and it gets even worse as she heads out on a quest to finish a prophecy. Problem is, her Goddess won’t tell her exactly what it is. Follow along as Kaida and Luna meet a messenger sent by the Goddess herself, and embark on a perilous journey to save all that is known to the beings of earth, with only the power of magic to defend them.

The Song of Air

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Whispers of Fate

Whispers of Fate

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Sep 08, 2010PG
Ava Isabella North is a normal girl going to a normal high-school. Well, she THINKS she's normal. Her best friend Jade is really a powerful Earth Elemental, but she keeps i... read more
701 reads votes 16 comments 11
Sacred Magic

Sacred Magic

10 parts / 13 pages, updated Aug 29, 2010PG-13
4,578 reads votes 61 comments 56

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Hey everyone, sorry that I haven't been on. I'm moving to a new account called HotBlueWolf. Please visit me there :)
Whispers of Fate

Thanks guys!! :D Can you please tell your friends about my story? Sadly it doesn't have much popularity, and that's a little sad... :( But with...
Whispers of Fate

Thank u!!! :D
Whispers of Fate

@bjreust Thank you!! I'm glad you like it. I'll write more right now :D
Whispers of Fate