Hola People!! Whats up?

My name is Ap, but people call me Kat. Annnyyywhoooooooooooooooo....
Im like really random so ill just say anything at any moment. FRIED FUDGING CHICKEN!!! (pants 0_0)
yeah......like that lol.
Im really nice, kind, sweet (yummm candy), and obsessed with cookies and any thing that says LOADED WITH FRICKING SUGAR!!
I love Brazil and Spain!!
So Yea (Twitch) lol im not physco crazy just wierd funny crazy....so dont be scared....its ok
Oh! almost got! I have hazel, ocean blue, and green eyes that changes colors, which is really rare for an African American. :D SO SPECIAL (Sniff)
OH TAY so yeah, hope you like my stories ill TRY and update as soon as I can, my life's alittle cooocooo for coco puffs (yumm coco puffs) so I'll try my best with the updates.


R@nDoM out!! (moon walks off) :D
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Description: Mike Tunson is your average 17 year old. Cocky, jocky, and total hotty. When he is sent to boarding school with his best friend Derek Thomas on the orders of his abusive step father, he thinks its the worst decision of his life. However, everything...