I love reading others stories. I sometimes have a hard time getting going once i have a story started so comment would help a lot! Like comments are really appreciated. 
If you want to talk or if your just bored message me!!I

I love my fans and the comments and messages they leave they make my day

Thanks to @Atomic_Stars for the cover of Don't Leave!!!
Thanks to @salamancs for the cover of Don't Hide!!!

█ 10% Nerdified 
██ 20% Creative 
███ 30% Annoying 
████ 40% Mean 
█████ 50% Slow 
███████60% Random 
████████ 70% Awkward 
█████████ 80% Fun 
██████████ 90% Quiet
███████████ 100% ME!!
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Dancing in the Rain

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Description: I'm finally moving out the house and starting a new pack with my brother and our friends. It should be great right? Well it would be if two weeks ago I hadn't realized my brothers best friend was my mate the same guy who's main goal in life is to ig...

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Don't Move(Book 4 Don't Series)

Don't Move(Book 4 Don't Series)

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Lyra isn't like her mother a trained killer. She quiet and shy and happens to be in line for the throne...

Dragon Mountain

Dragon Mountain

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When a rider becomes of age they go to Dragon Mountain to find their dragon, their mate. Well thats exac...

Don't Hide.(Book 3 Don't series)

Don't Hide.(Book 3 Don't series)

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Everyone knows who Ambria's mate is but her. As her 18 birthday draws closer everything seems to come to...

Dont Leave. (Book 1 Don't Series)

Dont Leave. (Book 1 Don't Series)

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He easily shook me off his face harding. "You'll be fine without me Emma your strong" "Please your all I...

How are you feeling? I thought I might check up on you and see if anything was bugging you :) Also thought I might inform you of just how much I like the latest edition of the series.