I love reading others stories. I sometimes have a hard time getting going once i have a story started so comment would help a lot! Like comments are really appreciated. 
If you want to talk or if your just bored message me!!I

I love my fans and the comments and messages they leave they make my day

Thanks to @Atomic_Stars for the cover of Don't Leave!!!
Thanks to @salamancs for the cover of Don't Hide!!!

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███████60% Random 
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Dont Leave. (Book 1 Don't Series)

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Description: He easily shook me off his face harding. "You'll be fine without me Emma your strong" "Please your all I have left" I sobbed. He looked up at me and kissed my cheek hugging me tightly. "Goodbye Emma" Then he was zipping his bags and walking out the...

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Don't Hide.(Book 3 Don't series)

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Don't Run. (Book 2 Don't Series)

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Dark. Twisted. Wrong. Thats how Lena Rose was raised. At eight she killed for the frist time and was pr...

To all of you who were really looking forward to Don't Move I couldn't go anywhere with it. I lost all my creative thoughts and had no idea where to go with it. Super sorry I just couldn't think of anything else to write for the story and had to delete it.