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I'm an ADHD pokemon who finds it hard to sit and do anything for a while if it doesnt interest me If ur talking to me and im throwing stones while tracking the movements of and ant and dreaming about my wannabe story dont feel bad im still listening to you ..... probably.

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Regona City: The Creed (BK1)Dragon of Legend; Fate (BK4)Starr Academy: Year Two

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Yes, glad you're uploading again, wait i am a bit late arent I. OH well ive been waiting for months to see Sahara race and this should be amazing.
Regona City: Flight (BK2)

so isnt Naomi the darnest thing you have ever seen. Alegra did good when raising her
Regona City: Flight (BK2)

great chapter But still no racing from Sahara i'm sad I dont need to see Terrell race we only ready know he is the best
Regona City: Flight (BK2)

who the heck is Oliver
Regona City: Flight (BK2)

finally a race if we're lucky we could get to see Sahara do some skills or attempt to
Regona City: Flight (BK2)