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Thanks for stopping by, have a pineapple slice or two. They taste great when you bake 'em. In/on a cake. Which I will then steal from you. *shifty eyes*

I'd just like to say, I read and appreciate all your bootiful comments/messages (especially the ones that make me burst out laughing at my computer screen), and I just can't seem to say Thank You, enough times.
You guys are the bombdotcom. <3


I update on Wednesdays (Hump Day, Bump Day, woop woop!) or Sundays (Lazy Day, Daisy Da- I'll stop.)
Depends on how my week goes.

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Also, for anyone who wishes to have their work edited, I'd be glad to help.
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Description: “Your name is Kenneth Kentucky and you work at McDonalds?” I glared at him, “Would you like Fries with that?” He began laughing hysterically and I sighed impatiently, waiting for him to stop. Suddenly, he stopped and then, putting both his...

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Kritical Kisses [BoyxBoy] [Completed]

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"I'm going to find you. And when I do, I'm going to make YOU whimper." Nicolas Cross is an Assassin. An...

i freaking loved loved loved McLovin'!! i'm not actually a Spongebob fan, i just really love pineapple and weirdness. ^.^ please, don't ever stop writing!
~Pink Peruvian Pixies Produce Purple Pygmy Possum Porn. xo
I absolutely lovveee mclovin <3. Dis was da first time i ever read a story about gay boys. Ur such an amazing writer keep it up. But i gat one question pineapple :) ...R u bahamain??
OMFG!! your the funniest person I have ever read about! :) I LOVED your Mcydees' book boyxboy it was really funny and hilarious! thankful for being an awesome pinnaple!! *bites into rainbow