Hey everyone! So first thing first im really shy though once people start to get to know me (well those who do,not many do) im not shy and love to have fun. I`m proud to say that I`m a book worm. 

Random Facts. -_- 
 - I go to this small school (about 50 students from pre-k to grade 11/ sec 5)
 - My first language is french but I`ve always went to an english school so my english is a little bit better. 
 - I dream to go and live in the UK for one whole year
 - I love skittles
 - I`ve been told by a lot of peeps (people) that I was born in the wrong time ( that i should been born in the 60`s) , cause i love flowers and peace 
 - I can be very hyper, random, and crazy (in a good way, you know).
 - I LOVE colour (and i spell colour this way not this way color). Hence Rainb0wGirl. 
 - I LOve Skittles. 
 - my fave letters are K and A 
 - my fave numbers are 3 and 5 
 - i am very positve, creative, artistic, and smart, but very stubborn, not alot of self confidence, can be slight ocd like if i dont do something its going to bother me (but i havent been dignosed with it its just easier to use this term),and i doubt myself too much.
 - i love speed ( i dont have my licence but when some one else drives and goes fast well i love it)
 - scarred that my love for speed and street racing will get me in trouble
 Well this is it and well..... Skittles !!!!! 
- Rainb0wGirl -_- <3  :D
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    At the end of te rainbow with a pot of skittles
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