Hi guys! Here are some little things you should know about me! I'm a teenager-ish, and I love writing! So far i've done fan fictions, but I've currently got fiction stories on the works, so I'm pretty much not stuck to just one genre. I enjoy lots of types of music, and I'm into anything really. Anime, Horror, J-Rock, you name it I'll probably love it. 

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and sam winchester is my bae just fyi
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Bulls In the Bronx (Pierce the Veil) (Editing)

Social data: 959K reads. 12.7K votes. 2.1K comments.

Description: A/N: This story is not revised, (but will be) which means there are chances you'll see grammar errors and spelling. Just warning you ahead of time. So don't be an asshole about it. Thanks. By the way, chapters that contain a star [*] are edited. Dis...

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My Understandings (Of Mice & Men)

My Understandings (Of Mice & Men)

57.1K 1.1K 204

*Of Mice & Men Fan Fic* Hi my name is Elizabeth Kyle, and this is my side of the story. I'm just anoth...

W O N D E R L E S S (Spinoff to Bulls In The Bronx)

W O N D E R L E S S (Spinoff to Bulls In The Bronx)

7.5K 197 64

~Le spinoff to Bulls In the Bronx (Pierce the Veil Fan fiction) ~ Ecstasy, a college student, and singl...

Love Isn't Always Fair (Black Veil Brides)

Love Isn't Always Fair (Black Veil Brides)

9.5K 273 84

*Black Veil Brides Fan Fic* Evelyn Blackstone, was a bride. But she left being heartbroken, and Love be...