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Perfect Timing - Moral Fortitude Anthology #3

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nin_ema posted a message

(: hola guapa , me podrias hacer un gran favor , que agradeceria muchisimo , podrias votar mi novela y comentes , espero que te guste , si lo haces te hare cualquier favor!! ☺♥
Hey Beuty , Can you do to me a favor , i will aprecciate it , can you vote my novel , and will coment? , if you do that i can do a favor to u!! ☺♥   

*Rebit* aibdid Froggies ♡

My Novel was romantic but was in spanish... if you don't understand spanish... can you vote the novel?? Eibdishd


You are so sweet to say that. Thank you <3 I wrote this around the time I lost Derek and Zach to suicide and it was a terrible time for me and other who know them. It goes to show how a writers emotions can influence a story. This one means a lot to me.


@Salongirl97 Thank you. I have just contacted my beta reader who is only to happy to take a look at this story. Thank you for the prompt to get it done, or I'd have just put in on the bottom of the list of things I have to do. Now, I just need to get to my other stories :D


Let's get together and start our own reading platform. It's long overdue don't you think. Love @HardeeBurger. I've had the pleasure of working with him outside of Wattpad and he's certain one of he greatest guys around. (Next anthology submissions are due end of this month). Thank you Kevin. Once again you have written a wonderful chapter. I fear Wattpad has become too big and they simply don't have the experience or maturity to handle it in a professional manner. It also has become more about the money they can make and I'm afraid, although they are making money from us being here, the dynamics of what Wattpad was once about is no longer the case. They can now cut out anyone causing problems because they no longer want to support those us who made them what they are. Unless you can make them more money, your support is no longer required.