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I started writing in 2008 and have been teaching myself how to improve ever since. I'm getting there.

In 2012, I start Moral Fortitude, where self published LGBT authors can promote themselves and their stories for free. I also provide information regarding getting started as a self publisher, finding a publisher and other useful information.


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Divine Intervention (extended version)

Cat Got Your Tongue

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The Betrayal

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Description: Werewolves - myth, fairytale or superstition – a tale so old passed down from generation to generation. The origins of these barbaric creatures are unknown; that is until now. This gripping tale of a young man and his determination to survive will c...


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LGBT Beta readers - find one here.

LGBT Beta readers - find one here.

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Seeking beta readers for LGBT stories. Advertise here. Please share this / pass on. Help get the word ou...

Cat Got Your Tongue (preview)

Cat Got Your Tongue (preview)

505K 3.2K 124

Preview only. This ebook is available for download at Moral Fortitude. Rejected by his parents because...

Divine Intervention (preview)

Divine Intervention (preview)

26.4K 166 38

Preview only. This ebook is available for download on Moral Fortitude. LGBT Adult - Constantine called...

Finding Ziggy

Finding Ziggy

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LGBT Teen - This is a young adult romance. About nineteen year old Gene, who decides he's going to find...


Thank you, again. I'm my own worst emery when it comes to writing. I think my ideas for story are great but sometimes my execution is not so great. Most of my stories here are first draft - that was my first mistake when I started out on Wattpad. Now I have two great beta readers who help me and I'm taking more time to go back over chapters to make them more to my expectations as a writer and reader. I'm slowly working through all my stories, which means nothing new is being published. I have two new stories waiting to be published (in fact, I have one on a new site - Tablo - I'm trying out) but until I'm happy with my existing stories - any new story is on the back burner as far as publishing goes.
Slowly progressing through The Betrayal.
      I'll keep this one in it's entirely up on Wattpad.
      But once it has been edited and updated an epub copy will be made available on my web site www.moralfortitude.com for those interested in owning a copy.
      Note : I have removed several of my older stories from here. The plan is to edit them and put them up on Moral Fortitude for free download, rather than have them here but thats a long term plan.
      ALSO - I have a new story up - but not on Wattpad - you can read it on Tablo - https://tablo.io/michelle-rae/the-sphere.
      ALSO - A big thank you for all my new followers, votes and comments. I very rarely get any notification from Wattpad anymore. The odd few emails I do get from comments I respond to - so if you do want me to reply please add @raekitano to the comment and I will most certainly respond (if I get the email).
      Thank you <3

@SereneMadness  @shattered_redsoul
      Alas I'm no longer getting Wattpad notification for - ANYTHING - so I miss so many of these comments posted. 'Me time' is shutting myself in the bedroom over the weekend and pretending I don't belong to anyone. Keeping the kids away is problematic. My 14 yo gets bored too quickly and thinks I'm her full time entertainer. Thankfully, I have mastered the art of ignoring everyone when I'm writing. And I growl. So they know to leave me alone :D