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Hey Homies :D, call me Cyndie.

-Bisexual and proud
-Flirt ;-)
-Dirty Minded with a hint of sarcasm.
-Ninja. Shush it no one can know, even though whoever is reading this now knows lol.
- Love rock bands

Fan My Joint Account:  @ThePartyRockersz

[I rarely get on so sorry for any late replys to pms, message board etc.]
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Urban Tales
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The Extraordinaries
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Fighting Temptation
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Sink Into Me
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Fighting Temptation

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Oh Gosh this was such a great idea. Altered urban legends. Awesome. Girl you came back strong. This was amazing. Starting it off with classic XD
Urban Tales

Searching for Clarity

Empath, whoa. The doctor is bad news mmhmm lol. This idea is great. Really keep going with this. I can;t wait to read the other either.
The Extraordinaries

Aww this is so cute it sounds like you have a special person in your life :-)
Searching for Clarity