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I love to read books, mostly romance, because I'm a hopeless romantic.  I have a story posted, but I haven't updated in ages, due to life/work.  I started it while I was unemployed and then a month later got a job and had no time to work on it.  I'm hoping to get back to it or write another story soon, but currently I'm planning my wedding for September!! 

Also, people who are extremely rude in comments need to chill out.  Constructive criticism does not include telling someone their story sucks and other such negative words.  That simply puts the author down and upsets other readers that like the story.  If you have a correction, suggestion, issue, or any other general dislike, figure out a constructive way to tell the author.  Also, it is best to send them a private message instead of broadcasting to the entire website how much you hate that particular story.  Just because you dislike something, doesn't mean you need to be mean about it.  We all like different things and we are all different ages.  So every story is going to satisfy a different crowd of people.  If its not your cup of tea, move on to something that is because its not like it is the only story on Wattpad to read!!  Sorry for the rant but I'm completely against rude comments after reading stories on Wattpad for almost 4 years now.


The Night I Changed

The Night I Changed

4 parts / 3 pages, updated May 15, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
Kris grew up with a normal human life. She never knew she was actually a werewolf. She never knew her parents were actually apart of the Hunter's Guild, an elite gro... read more
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