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WELCOME TO MY PAGE!! *bear hugs* :)
Hi wattpaders! Im Rachel, im from the Philippines, proudly pinay!! Im 26! A very passionate Barista at Starbucks Coffee (i take pride in being able to serve high quality coffee and human connection with our customers *wink,wink*) anyway! I have been addicted to wattpad since January! I lovelovelove to read, I have like 320 stories on my wattpad application, that's a lot!! But sadly, I haven't started some of the books yet, but ill get there eventually, if im off from work, wattpad occupies most of my time.. 
First story I have ever read at wattpad is A PROSCRIPTIVE RELATIONSHIP by xxskater2girl16xx,, and I loved every single chapter, the author truly is an epic! If you haven't read her stories yet, go on and read her works, all amazing!
I started out only as a SILENT READER, meaning I just read and that's all; I dont vote and I dont comment even though on every story the author would always say COMMENT,VOTE FAN!
But then again I realized, wouldn't it be nice to show some love and appreciation for all the efforts writers have exerted just to give us some good reads? I sure as hell couldn't even compose a single paragraph, how much more a single chapter, right? Hence, I make sure that each story I read, I try to comment&vote so that the writers know that they're valued! I hope others would do that as well..:)
Ok ill stop rambling now, lol! I dont know why I even bother writing this long when I know for a fact that no one's gonna read my profile Haha!:D
MESSAGE ME, PLEASE?? I'D LOVE TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS HERE IN WATTPAD... TO ALL THE WRITERS WHOM I'VE FANNED, THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR STORIES! May everyone of you succeed in your chosen career, may it be writing or something else! Keep your P-A-S-S-I-O-N burning!!:-! Peace! Xoxo

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