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Description: A short story. The countdown begins. Ten... She was waiting for that perfect first kiss... Nine... He was wanting her from a distance... Eight... She watched the ball drop knowing what would come next... Seven... He stared as she leaned in for the k...

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The Meaning

The Meaning

16 1 0

A poem. What is the meaning of life? I don't know. You tell me. What is the meaning of YOUR life?

In a Different World

In a Different World

63 6 9

A short story. In a different world, it's the people we deem "normal" that must justify who they are.

High Tide

High Tide

77 8 11

A poem. The pull of the moon, lost hearts on the beach.

When it Rains

When it Rains

165 22 8

A poem. When it rains, her spirit dies, she has nowhere to go, and tears in her eyes.

Hi everyone!

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but a really amazing trend has been happening here on Wattpad over the last year or so... 

More and more writers are being published!! Since I've started on Wattpad, I can't even count the number of authors I've followed or stories I've read that are now in the process of being published, or already are published! It is so incredible and a true testament to the talent on this site!

Having said that, an author whose works I've read since the very beginning of my Wattpad days is FINALLY getting the chance to have one of her books published! Maybe you've heard of her? @mamie1990 ? Or as the non-Wattpad masses will soon know her as... TM Mendes.

Her book, "One Night with the Prince" has now been published and is available on Amazon! I wholeheartedly recommend you mozie on over and buy a copy! Let's show some Wattpad support! 

You won't regret it!
I'm sitting in LAX waiting for the flight that will begin my month long trek through Europe. I'm hoping that I will be inspired while I'm gone and actually write something!

If nothing else I'll be journaling my adventure! :)