Status: Busy having the BEST FRIDAY AFTERNOON EVER! And vampires rule xD (2 years ago)


Name RedTears and FantasyGirl21
Location We aren't in the mood for stalkers. Unless you're a vampire
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We are RedTears and FantasyGirl21. We're best friends in real and we decided to collaborate and make our own account. We'll post the stories we write together over here. We really hope you'll enjoy it!

We're both HUGE twihards, we love The Hunger games, The Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter.


Twilight: Team Jasper. If I have to choose between Edward and Jacob, team Edward.
The Hunger games: Team Gale Hawthorne
The Vampire Diaries: TEAM DAMON (why can't people see that he's just too sexy and hot XDXD)
Harry Potter: Teamless. 

Twilight: Team Emmett (all the way). If I have to choose between Edward and Jacob, team Jacob. That's why FantasyGirl21 and I often Fight.
The Hunger games: Team Rue
The Vampire Diaries: Team Bonnie (DAMON IS FREAKY!! That's why FantasyGirl21 and I also have a lot of fights. Reply to FantasyGirl21: CAUSE HE ISN'T!)
Harry Potter: Team Ginny

FantasyGirl21 and RedTears are just awesome. So you know. Be aware of the fact that we'll kill you in the night when you disagree. Or when you don't respect vampires. VAMPIRES RULE THE WORLD! Only you just don't know... YET! xD.

Well, that was about it!

RedTears and FantasyGirl21

PS: We aren't going to read anything on this account. If you want us to read something, contact us. @RedTears @FantasyGirl21
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