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*winks* Hey ladies. The name's Sasuke. I'll always stand by you, okay? Never feel like you don't have anyone. I'll be the one here for you.
Just a head up, I'm pansexual. *grins* But you fuckers don't need to know that, what matters is.... I'm me~ And I'm one hell of a sexy bastard and Im with @_Zabuza_ ~ *winks*
Age: 22~
Said sexy Uchiha stood before you, gnawing on a deliciously plump tomato. Seeming content with it's juiciness, his dark eyes then flickered to you and a sexy smirk spread across his full lips. Setting down the tomato, his pink tongue swiped across his lips to catch all the tomato juice before he spoke. "Why hello there~ I didn't see you come in...~~" Standing, the raven sauntered over to you, hips moving in sink with his toned body, which you couldn't help but notice was shirtless as per usual. "Please..." He purred. "Make yourself at home...~~" with one final sexy wink, his hand messed up his already sexy, spiky hair, and he sauntered away from you.

Yes, Itachi is my older, though less sexy (to his disappointment), brother.

 @_Menma_Uzumaki_ This guy's my sexy ass best friend. *smirks* Mess with him, mess with me, fuck with him.... well, then you just fuck with him. *winks* 

[Yo, the name's Ris. That's all you need to know.]


The Duckling Uchiha

The Duckling Uchiha

3 parts / 2 pages, updated Nov 06, 2013PG-13
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Ask Sassy Sasuke~ [Or mun, I guess...]

Ask Sassy Sasuke~ [Or mun, I guess...]

47 parts / 5 pages, updated Oct 08, 2013PG-13
Ever been itching to ask me, [Or me... Cause im getting dragged into this... f*ck you Sasuke.] *smirks* Any day of the week love. *clears throat* Anyway... read more
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Ask Itachi anything I mean ANYTHING or you can ask sexy admin questions!!!!!Uchiha's Love (SasukexOC)

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Okay brother, here's a question... Are you still a virgin? If not, who was your first time with?
Ask Itachi anything I mean ...

@Artemishatake14 [YES IT DOES!]
The Duckling Uchiha

@Artemishatake14 [U-um... What did I lie about.... 0.o]
The Duckling Uchiha

*walks over with a smirk* Zabuza, how did you like that genjutsu I put you in the other day? What was your favorite part? Do you think im sexier...
Ask Zabuza ((Or me~ xD))

*blinks* What exactly happened when we were drunk? It's a bit hazy and I think a reminder would help. *rubs my temples*
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