im not very good at writing in my opinion but i still hope you read my stories cause i would really appreciate it!!!
id like to remain unknown so no personal questions pls. thnx:)

the best advice I can give is :
turn that frown up side down and keep smiling
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    wouldn't you like to know ;P :D
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Has random stuff written by me. No story in this will ever be more than one part long so you do not need...

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The Better Person

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read to find out:P


I swallowed the excess spit in my mouth, I do feel mean, really mean for ignoring him, but I had to, it was for the best. This is the reason why I locked my phone and placed it beside me, ignoring th...
@Larry_smilinson well he is a stalker. just cause hes powerful, good looking and rich doesn't mean he isn't a stalker.

"I, Ana Stuprum, accept you, Elliot Stuprumas my mate." She said. Ellot felt a shiver run through his spine ater words, and he smiled before saying the same to her.
ugh regret reading this book. I thought she had a chance with trent or even someone else but this book is the same old thing where the cheater is forgiven and I hate that
RS_Storielova96 commented on The Alpha Agreement - Trent: In The Woods

“I know you will.  You’re my best friend.”
@miawolfx i know that in this case that is the case but i don't get why calling someone your best friend means that you can't love them in that way. i mean seriously isn't your SO also supposed to be your best friend....
      sorry just something I've always wondered but i really wouldn't know....