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Hii this ish mii and my job is to fan a bunch of random people for reasons or for no reason at all. everyone deserves a number one fan :] and i will be that person! message me the title of one of ur stories you want me to read and i will read it and put my two cents in after i read :] my real account is @RavenMonetRapaich...i have books on there too...that still need a lot of editing but hey, ima get to it one of these days ;] have a nicce day! :] peace out gurl scout! (ps. if you want to know more about me, or read some other stories, just visit my other account)

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She is my sister from another mister and i swear, if any body messes with her, i will personally knock u down, tie you up, through you in a room and blast Rebecca Blacks 'Friday'....all....day....long....hours upon hours of nothing but having a hard time chosing what seat to sit in...and listing of the days of the week...just on and on...im so fa'serious, i will break you.


Try this.‎

99666999999666999999666999666­­­­­69996699999996699666996699 996699999999699999999666699669­­­­­9666699666996699666996699 996669999999999999996666669999­­­­­6666699666996699666996699 996666699999999999966666666996­­­­­6666699666996699666996699 996666666999999996666666666996­­­­­6666699666996699666996699 996666666669999666666666666996­­­­­6666699666996699666996666 996666666666996666666666666996­­­­­6666699999996699999996699

Highlight the numbers
Press CTRL + F
Then press 9

and...that liddo button up ther ^ the one that says 'become a fan'..yeeaahh..press it..go n press it, i dare you..:] if Nemo had enough determination to touch 'The Butt', you CERTAINLY can press that button...unless you proclaim you're at the level of a limp clown fish O.o


Cheater Cheater Temptation Seeker

Cheater Cheater Temptation Seeker

1 page, updated Aug 30, 2013GCompleted
So I wrote a poem on my other account ( @RavenMonetRapaich ) called 'My-Break-Up-Goodbye' and it was about my boyfriend, wrote a poem and i used it to br... read more
89 reads votes 6 comments 6
For the Life of Me *Will Be Edited*

For the Life of Me *Will Be Edited*

2 parts / 8 pages, updated Dec 10, 2012PG-13Pictures
I'm kinda awful at describing stories, just kinda bear with me and ive tried to make it as enjoyable as i can, give me a chance? :) (btdubs, it is a werewolf story, just so you know)
99 reads votes 7 comments 2
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