I thought I should pop a little note on here for those of you who have visited my page, and are thinking about reading some of my stories on here. 

Everything on here is ROUGH, RAW, READY and A FIRST DRAFT. 

Therefore, I appreciate absolutely every comment and opinion, because these are very much works in progress, and I'm here on Wattpad to practise, to learn and to see what works. Also, I guess I need to ask you for some patience too, because these aren't as good as I hope they will be one day.

Thank you for visiting, and let me know your thoughts! 

RJ :)
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Hey guys, so I am trying to use NaNoWriMo to create a first draft of a novel I have been working up to for a while, and I was thinking (because it has been ages and ages since I posted anything on wattpad) that it might help keep me motivated if I post it here as I go along...and then maybe...maybe...by the end of the month I will have something resembling a book. 

I've been plotting for ages but it seems that whenever I sit down to write I change my mind and all plotting work goes out the window. Well, at any rate I will give this a fair go this month, so if you want to observe the process as it happens (almost) then keep checking in and let me know what you think!

And good luck to anyone else doing NaNo this month!


I think you're bang on with most of your comments! This was one of the first stories I wrote and I just bumbled along with no plan, writing what I felt like and I really struggled to get te pacing right, particularly at the end. I didn't have a real vision of where I wanted it to go (which is why there are plot issues like the witches and the wooden bullets). I learned a lot from this process though - the main thing beig that writing a story that satisfies the reader is really difficult! It takes hard hard work and tenacity...and this is partly why I haven't got around to redrafting. The idea of trying to fix the problems is so overwhelming...that I haven't attempted it since I finished this back in 2013. 

I am currently trying to redraft The Duke's Affair (I chose to focus on that one because it was more popular and so, I thought, would require less work). It is so difficult to create likeable and believable characters who will do the things I need them to do to progress the plot! 

I think the answer may be to plot out a novel thoroughly before I start writing, as fixing the flaws in one written without an outline is so hard!

But thank you so much for your comment - you're a very perceptive and thoughtful reader and that is exactly what I joined wattpad to find! Xxx