Status: HI guys (x so can you guys help me by checking out the story "Hey There Delilah" its really good and she definitely deserves more fans! (; (2 years ago)


Name i have no name o: JK! call me annie ♥
Location London!! jk u wish (x U.S
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HI (: so waiting for my friend to come back from canada (: and then were gonna hopefully post some fan fictions together (x shes therefore, i am writing it with her! (: i will not have any fan fictions to write right now :/ BUT, hopefully i will post some in the future? maybe? i dont know (x you tell me (; well, heres a few things about me ^__^ 

~One Direction *___* especially Louis Tomlinson ♥ OH GOD HIS EYES.MUHFUH.i love them (x
~Taylor Swift ♥♥ shes my role model.
~Unicorns ♥
~Music ♫
~I LOVE the color Teal ^____♥
~I have an instagram ♥ Follow? #RawrItsAnnie
~I LOVE Wattpad..
~99% of the stories that I read on here are about One Direction ♥
~Im like, short...LOL..i think in between 4'10 to 5 (:
~I love making birthday cards♥
~One Direction songs are Catchy xD
~I spent most of my summer reading fan fictions ♥
~Be nice to me, I be nice to you kay? Cuhz you know ^___^ im nice to everyone ;D
~Im not gonna change my profile Picture or Background to anything until i start posting stories .__. until then, this account is for reading and fanning and commenting and watever you do on wattpad besides posting stories (;

Yeah, so thats like basically everything about me .__. 
Well, now that ur done reading this, why dont you go relax on the bed and play some music (:
LISTEN TO SAVE YOU TONIGHT KAY ♥ yes the one by one direction -___- who doesnt know it o:< jk...

"I cant be no superman,but for you i'll be superhuman."-Save you tonight by One Direction (:

Even though i dont post stories, I Love my 8 fans who fanned me ^___^ ily guys! ♥
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