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Name Number 7 but you can call me Vanna :-)
Location In the most magical part of Lorien jk Hawaii :)
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Hey peeps it's Vanna! I'm a very spontaneous and outgoing girl! I have 5 brothers no sisters. I'm part pacific islander. I'm very creative I hope to be an actress someday or an author. I promise to upload as much as I can! Now here's 15 things u need 2 know about me...
1. I LOVE the performing arts!
2. My fav color… well I really don't have one...
3. I do NOT TOLERATE cruel criticism but constructive criticism now we're talking lol
4. I absolutely LOVE MUSIC! here's some favorites: Avril Lavigne, Joe Brooks, GREEN DAY, Paramore, The Fray, Fall Out Boy, We are the in Crowd, The all American Rejects, Ed Sheeran, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Coldplay, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, The Ready Set, NeverShoutNever, Demi Lovato, Sick Puppies, Metro Station, Muse, Marianas Trench, Nickelback,  etc. (Mostly Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock, and and some other bands)
5. I am super fun to be around… that is if you are as hyper as me…  and don't mind being chased by a mall cop :)
6. I love to laugh and I smile 24/7 :) (see) 
7. I am very friendly and honest… I call em' as I see 'em
8. 4 things I can't live without
My iPod 
A good book
Sarcasm :D
9. I am a catholic (so yeah I'm a christian)
10. Fav quote: 'Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly." ~Lanston Hughes
11. On the fast track to Stanford :) Half Moon Bay here I come!
12. Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are some of my Idols/Role models
13.I play piano, guitar, drums, harmonica, tambourine, organ, trumpet, kazoo, bongos, ukulele, and recorder etc! (musically inclined I guess?)
14. My Sports life contains Soccer<3, Skateboarding, Archery, and my favorite Surfing <3
15. I Love photography! I have Pictures all over my room they literally line the dressers and walls!
**Questions? Feel Free to ask..Email me Youtube: R0cKy4wattpad**


☣Me, You, and My Medication☣

☣Me, You, and My Medication☣

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All Kris wanted to do was spend the summer doing nothing accompanied by her two best friends. Rip the waves all day, party all night and vice ver... read more
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Avatar The Last Airbender: Book 4 ~ Katara & Zuko (ON HOLD)

Avatar The Last Airbender: Book 4 ~ Katara & Zuko (ON HOLD)

3 parts / 12 pages, updated Jun 07, 2013Pictures
Everything's done. The war, the rivalry, and the despise between fire nation and the world. Well its mostly gone. Now that everyone's m... read more
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<3~Explain It to Me~<3 (UNDER EDITING)

<3~Explain It to Me~<3 (UNDER EDITING)

1 page, updated Apr 03, 2011
16 yr old Vanna is your average teen.She's not very popular and she likes it that way. Her whole world revolves around her friends, family, and ofcou... read more
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15 parts / 2 pages, updated Mar 08, 2011Pictures
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You never cease to amaze me. Radiant as always and a job well done.

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I did specify that this was 1 or 2 years after the end of the war :)
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@KatieParrishMelvin Tell me about it.

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