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Hey Guys! I love shopping and anything purple. I have a cat phobia. If a cat  comes near me, I will freak out. My friends think it's funny that I'm afraid of cats. But can you blame me? Those bitches are scary. I love shopping and partying. My dream is to travel the world. Wattpad and the channel ID are my addictions. I'm a picky eater. I have a habit of blurting things out , without thinking them through. I'm a really nice person, with slight anger management issues. I have seven brothers and sisters. But only one full sister. I love to read. I'm a die hard Celtics and Patriots fan because I'm from Boston. I'd do almost anything for a White Mocha Frapaccino. Hate Math with a passion. What bastard decided to mix numbers and letters together? I love Music and I listen to a wide variety of music. I could go from Eminem to Taylor Swift to Nirvana. Well um that's it.  Feel free to chat with me anythime. I'm friendly :)
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A Drunken Mistake
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