IMPORTANT NOTICE! :::: Writing and updates will be very Scarce and RARE during my school year. As of such, I will mostly be writing and updating during the SUMMER! I will be on-line a LOT but writing can be exhausting after a day of school and Work. Hope you understand. BYE!

Hello There! So I guess you have decided to read this, huh? Wow, that's a shocker.

I am a person, I have a name, I have an age, and I live in a place... *Crowd from nowhere gasps in shock* "HE HAS THOSE THINGS TOO?"
 *Rolls Eyes* Yes, Yes I do...

I am Approximately 6'3'' and I am still growing. I am also a guy, but I like tricking people into thinking I'm a girl. So far, it's worked about 15 times! :) HEH-HEH-HEEE!

 I am an avid Writer, my books are down below. I think my writing could use some work, because I get lazy and do not edit, and I am, (most of the time), not good at catching my own mistakes.
   I am also an avid reader. I read every day, literally.

I am not really a fan of exercise, it makes me tired, sweaty, and dehydrated.

 I write whenever I want to, and update when I want too, and I update very... Sporadically...

I sometimes write long and short chapters, I prefer writing the longer ones, because then I feel I don't have to update in like 4 more days. (O.o)

Okay. So - People I love, and who you should follow, like, immediately.










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So, yeah. Follow them! OR BE EXECUTED! They are all awesome writers, and the best people!

Yeah - I am lazy right now, so this is all I got. ByE!
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Sea Song

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Description: Dedicated to KaleTheQueen for the absolutely amazing cover. Perfection as always. What happens when in a Magical Academy, your history teacher makes you find proof of a creature that was thought to have never even existed. After being given the...

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Erubial Guardians: The Four [ON HOLD for WattPad Prize]

Erubial Guardians: The Four [ON HOLD for WattPad Prize]

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Piper Evergreen was your average teenage girl. Until the accident that is. A car accident where she was...

Golden Shifter (Chapters back Shortly)

Golden Shifter (Chapters back Shortly)

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(Cover is by me) -(-[ Note: This book is subject to change, including all plots, covers, summaries, chap...

My Poetry.

My Poetry.

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H.A.S.A. (Highly Advanced Supernatural Academy)

H.A.S.A. (Highly Advanced Supernatural Academy)

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H.A.S.A., or the Highly Advanced Supernatural Academy, the full name only known to students and staff me...