I am a male.
I am rather tall.
I do not take reading requests.
I do not follow back. If you ask me to read something or ask me to follow, I will be so harsh as to delete your comment and block you with out warning, as it is rather annoying.
I have nothing else to say but this:

These are my peeps. They're really awesome so you should follow them all.









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So, yeah. Follow them! OR BE EXECUTED! They are all awesome writers, and the best people!

Yeah - I am lazy right now, so this is all I got. ByE!
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Corny author here again...

 Yep bitch, I'm Psycho. My name is Psycho for a reason. Second of all, its your attitude that started this all, so listen here, or rather, read, (If you are capable to read at a high enough grade level, that is).

 You go around commenting rather rude comments, no matter if you believe them true, and then you act almost shocked that you get as much hate as you spew out. If you're going to be rude and disrespectful, (Yes, because constructive criticism is appreciated, not just your stupid, bitchy-ass comments), don't be surprised when you get backlash.

 The sad thing is, you're just doing this for attention and probably only read the description, then comment stupid things within the book, just to be bitch and start something. It's people like you that make me want to find a bitch, (You), and cut a bitch, (you).

 Sweet baby Jesus. If anything I don't pity you, I just pity the people who have to live with you, and as for your IQ, well, I'm not so sure that you have one. The only thing you can do is spite people when instead you should be providing ways to help them and better them and their writing. And honestly, if you aren't capable of bettering someone else because you, and you alone, are terrible. If you had any works, they'd be terrible and you probably couldn't write something imaginative and convey feelings or emotions accurately, and you would receive the kind of comments you gave out.

 I think I've managed to cover why you're a stupid bitch, so I'm gonna go eat some food or something, probably read a book... You know, I'd check yours out, but wait... You don't have any, because you can't write....