My name is C, I'm a 100% Nigerian girl living outside Nigeria.

One thing I like to have in my stories is a strong character. Someone who will be able to look their tormentors in the eyes and make their bullies suffer. I like independent characters that after being thrown away and left for dead, abandoned and alone, they become this whole other new person, cold and renewed, built by the fire of life. This is why I like rejection stories.

My dreams now are to have a career in law. By the end of year 12 I want to have my driver's license. I want to go to a good university on a scholarship to study law and then become an Immigration lawyer and/or have a role in the Magistrates or Family Court. I want to help refugees come to Australia and help them through the gruelling visa application process.

I'm currently going through some challenges right now and hope at the end I will come out on the top.

Tumblr: nigerianese.tumblr.com (Ask me something!)

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If I am taking too long to update something, feel free to pester me on my message board. I do read the messages there and I will most likely reply on your wall.
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reyon15 posted a message to ProudlyNigerian
hello i will like to ask you to please continue detested bond.It's such a great story and i am dieing to know what will happen not only me but other followers so i am asking you to please continue it....
I love your book ironclad I've read it atleast 5 times already ,but wattpad deleted it from my library and I forgot the title so I've been searching along time to find this book again and I just found it today...I'm screaming with Happiness
ProudlyNigerian commented on Ironclad - Epilogue

Detested Bond is there but its discontinued atm, and I deleted the Achiever, thats why you can't find it. Thank you for reading and being interested in reading more of my works!

Haha I hate when people says it will get better! Why can't it get better now! What's keeping 'it' so long?

I'm deeply sorry for the loss of your mum and what terms you guys parted on :( I can imagine the horrible feeling you must be feeling, the regret even.

Yes I have those random feel bad for myself times every single day its crazy! Haha this pot of gold better be filled with money because one thing that would make me happier is money :p

You're welcome? hehe if it helps you and me both thats all good! You should check it out! It's not completely centred around weight theres other things like her challenging her parents so she can go to college but her mum only wanting her to sew, lose weight, get married and have kids. I'm sure you'd like it