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| Benjamin Jermin Land-Boyce |
| Married to  @LoveTheRain77 |
| January 4th, 1991 |
| 21 |

My name is Benji, and this will be my last "about me" so i guess I better make it count.  I believe in change, I believe in miracles.  True love exists in my world, and I've been lucky to find it in Rain.  Hope is always needed to live a happy life, no matter what, everyone should have hope. 

Love isn't something you can sit at home and wait for.  Your knight in shining armour isn't going to just stampede through your house on a white horse.  Go out and find him.  

Relationships aren't as easy as they're made out to be, they take hard work and dedication.  It is NOT once a cheater always a cheater, forgiveness can be found in the least likely of places, and even true love makes mistakes once in a while, but if you believe its true love, never give up on that relationship. You'll regret it.

Happiness is something we all fight for in life, from the time we're born.  Sometimes it feel impossible to find that happiness, but try not to look so hard.  Chances are, that happiness is right beside you.  

If you're a cutter, and reading this, then pay attention.  I'm not going to ask you to stop, though I wish I could. Some of you will never stop, some of you will die because of it.  All I'm asking is that you please be careful.  

If you're abused... get help. Dont wait, because abuse can lead to death.. dont let your death be the only reason someone realizes you were abused..

For everyone fighting an eating disorder, or just, well everyone in between as well, everyone.. this is going out to everybody..

You're beautiful.  Never let someone tell you otherwise.  Ever.  

My name is Benjamin.. I found love, I've found hope and happiness, I have a beautiful relationship with the man I love, I've cut, been abused and had an eating disorder.  Through that, I'm still here, giving you my advice before I die.  I hope it helps. I hope you listen.

I love you.
I love you my baby.



Cheater, Cheater [Never Finished]

Cheater, Cheater [Never Finished]

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The Sweetest Tradgedy   [Never Finished]

The Sweetest Tradgedy [Never Finished]

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Dear Jaycee

Dear Jaycee

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So.. this a poem I wrote for my daughter, Jaycee, who passed away recently.. 1/18/2011 --- 1/19/2012
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A Last Goodbye:

A Last Goodbye:

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The Ramblings of Benjamin Land

The Ramblings of Benjamin Land

15 parts / 8 pages, updated Jun 18, 2012PG-13
Previous "About Me's" and my Ramblings.
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Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat

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The Big Book of Poetry

The Big Book of Poetry

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A Letter To Those Who Made A Difference In My Life

A Letter To Those Who Made A Difference In My Life

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Dangerous Dreams

Dangerous Dreams

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Remember Me

Remember Me

3 parts / 7 pages, updated May 20, 2012PG-13
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A Last Goodbye:

and also dedicated to @babydonahue
A Last Goodbye:

I have many things I COULD say.. but I wont. Because I'm supposed to be the "too nice" guy.. But I love you, so much ^-^
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