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My Forbidden Fruit

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Description: The curve of her back had me mesmerized as I softly glided my finger over it. She was so beautiful and had no idea what she had done to me. I had fallen in love with her and it was too late when I realized that. I had broken our rule. To never fall...

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Becoming More

Becoming More

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It was supposed to be simple. Their relationship. Desiree Colemen and Sebastian Keller were meant for ea...

One's True Self

One's True Self

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If I could pick a single word to describe her, it would probably be broken. To other people, she seems l...

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 “I mean, what I do is strictly business, but you get that. That’s why we’ve always gotten along.” He sighed heavily. “I don’t want to sound like a real c0cksucker, you know, but Katie i...
It was sweet until he started talking about selling girls.
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A pause. “Yes, I have,” he said honestly. “I live in a very different world from yours, candy. And in that world it’s either killed, or be killed. It’s a code I live by. I’m sorry you had...
Why are people who correct the story being reported 0.o?