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Poisoned_Love commented on Meeting Ellie - Ch. 30

"Why does it always have to be him? Why can't it be me? Please, don't move in with him. I love you. I've been waiting for you for four years." He pleads. "I need you, if he loved you he would have tr...
something is .... off
Poisoned_Love commented on Meeting Ellie - Ch. 25

She holds her hand over the phone mouth piece and says, "Ben. Apparently, it was not a revenge fuck. Right now Knox is driving the streets looking for you and he's pissed."
eyyy I'm juwt waiting for her to finally give him a BJ
Poisoned_Love commented on Loving Blackmail - Ch. 31

"I couldn't hear you talk about him and seeing you buy those outfits, it was all too much. I got jealous and I wanted to change your mind about him. I was hoping there was a chance you'd choose me, n...
ugh I'm on the  verge of tears Cuz I love the three of them...MENAGE  A TROIS