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Hello Poets of Wattpad!

Rejoice for *WE ARE BACK*! 

For those that were not aware of our existence, well, let me do some introduction.
I'm @AliceGraivenille and along with my most trusted partner in crime @OwainGlyn will be your hosts long as you keep writing poetry.

This account will offer you a chance to compete against other skilled poets (we do not measure skill in votes and reads! It is *NOT* a popularity contest!), will allow you to experiment in the weekly poetical challenges we'll be setting up for you but most importantly, Poetry Corner will try and establish a Wattpad Poets Society of sorts in order to not only bring to you high quality poetry but also leave room for discussion upon the ideas and techniques behind the composer and the composition alike. We'll be featuring poets and poems and will be running all kinds of other initiatives and fun activities. 

Should you wish to have your poem featured you will have to fit he following criteria:
i) Poem must have a Title
ii) You will be asked to provide an analysis on your poem
iii) Your poem must NOT promote suicidal/self-harming tendencies. It is alright to write about it but not glorify it. Darker poetry can get at times out of hand so keep that in mind.

Stay tuned as we get started. Next week will be the Official Go!

Keep your pencils sharp, fellow Poets of Wattpad, and your minds sharper!



February's Double Contest

February's Double Contest

12 parts / 2 pages, updated Mar 06, 2014
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The Poets Corner ~ Second Edition ~ November 2011

The Poets Corner ~ Second Edition ~ November 2011

41 parts / 18 pages, updated Nov 02, 2011Pictures
Poets Corner is Back! The Second Edition is here! The Cover and Freestyle Comps continue as normal but the theme this month was 'light at the end of the tunnel' and the chosen form of the month was 'Rondeau'. + check out our other added features...K
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The Poets Corner  ~ First Edition  ~ October 2011

The Poets Corner ~ First Edition ~ October 2011

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A monthly competition where Poets compete for the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze & Tin places. There is 1 Cover Comp and 3 poem com... read more
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What makes a... Poem

What makes a... Poem

27 parts / 4 pages, updated Sep 23, 2011
What makes a poem a poem? Well, there are many styles and styles have rules. Here are the basics to get you started...
5,531 reads votes 170 comments 29

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Worry not. It is here to stay! :)
What makes a... Poem

Glad to have helped! :)
What makes a... Poem

Great interviews with some great writers in there! Great job and well enjoyed!
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Oh I can't wait to some of these answers!
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@TrulyPoetic Glad you enjoyed, i loved it and thanks for being part of this!
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