Well yeah I was very bored, so I'd re-write this again. If you have found my page you are either one of my friends who have been bugged so much by me talking about what I write or you are one of the few twilight- or in particular Alice and Jasper fans-still out there!! 
I'm gonna say that all I write has been researched to the tinniest grain of paper from the twilight books, films or occasionally websites. So for those who are sick of characters lossing there character when other people take over (I'm talking about those who make Alice react like a two-year-old with sugar rush) you won't find it here! Yay!!
I am currently at high school- sadly- so I don't have as much time to write as I'd like to but hey, life is never very fair. I am not very like my usual main character (Mrs Mary Alice Brandon Cullen[Whitlock]) to look at but we have a lot in common mentally.
I love to sing, draw, dance- even though I'm really bad at it! and am a very right-brained person. I LOVE animals and have three- not including my sister. Two rescued guinea-pigs and a dog.
I love to be outside- a lot of my outdoor scenes are based on places I've been to or see regularly.
Some of my best ideas come to me through dreams and other strange situations. I'm known for coming up with really sad story lines so be warned!
And yeah thats an insight to the very strange world of me, please do have a read of my stories no matter how you found me. I like to know how well I've done so please tell me that too and I'll see you at the end of the chapter....
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Description: Everyone has a monster inside them, as part of who they are but who knew paint was so powerful... A piece of drama writing in role that got way out of hand


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