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Let's name is Angie. I'm a 33 year old mother of the three most amazing, beautiful kids in the world. I am a HUGE horror fan, movies of course, but especially books...I love to read and have enjoyed the horror genre since I was a teen reading Christopher Pike & R.L. Stein (and I'm old so we're talkin' before Goosebumps and all that!) As a matter of fact, when I was four, my Mom took me with her to see one of the Night of the Living Dead movies and I loved I guess I have been a horror fan literally all my life.  :)

I love to write, mostly poetry, sometimes teen- or tween- style short stories (my kids are 13, 8 and 7) although I certainly don't claim to be good at it! Interestingly, most of what I write, and hence most of what I'll upload (assuming I'll ever have the nerve to post rather than just read, which I'm MUCH better at) is poetry, if it turns out that anyone likes any of it then I may try some short stories. Weirdly, although I'm a pretty happy person and even have some of the dreaded PTA-Soccor-Mom tendencies, my poetry tends to range from sad, to dark, to downright'll notice I never claimed to be normal!

Any-who...I love to meet new people, I love to talk, and in case you're wondering, I AM aware that this is now, oddly, reading like a bad dating profile though I think I'll leave out anything to do with candle-lit dinners or walks on the beach :)

Back to the point, whether I've uploaded or not, whether you've decided that the fact that I can drag out something as simple as profile info makes you crazy, or whether you're just bored enough to talk to a long-winded stranger...message me anytime, I'm on here every single day, barring any natural disasters or family emergencies :)

<3 ~  PinkFairie79  aka  Angie ~ <3


Loved One Lost

Loved One Lost

1 page, updated Jul 24, 2012PGCompleted
The title says it all...this was written in remembrance of people that have passed on from this life but will never pass on from my heart. My hope is that at least one pers... read more
41 reads votes 2 comments 2
Senseless Ranting

Senseless Ranting

1 page, updated Jul 24, 2012PG-13Completed
Just one of my poems written at a very dark time in my life. I chose to post the ones I have posted because, good or bad, happy or sad, light or dark, they say something... read more
18 reads votes 1 comments 3

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