If we're really gonna do this then we gotta do it right.

I guess you can call me Verona (I am aware that it's a place, thank you very much.) because that is a really pretty name and I've decided to claim it. I'm fifteen, Maori and currently living in Victoria, Australia. My hobbies include drinking really fast, eating more chocolate than is strictly healthy and ignoring ringing telephones.

I don't often visit this profile because I'm serious so lazy and I forget it exists most of the time, but I have some stories up and running if you're interested? I suppose. They're all fanfiction because I'm not even a closet weeaboo at this point.

If you talk to me please expect a multitude of exclamation points/question marks/dots because it's just a typing pattern I've picked up on. I am not interested in changing it. Oh, and if you message me, I'll probs get back to you really late and you'll be really confused but it's only because I'm trash and it really isn't your fault!

(If you message me asking whether or not I'd eat a glass bowl without any repercussions then the answer is gonna be: hell yeah I would.)

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Description: "We're ninjas, Chika," Kasumi said with a frown, "We're weapons for hire." Chika shook her head, "To the council, sure, but I know the truth," She looked down at her bloodied kunai and felt her eyes begin to sting. "at the end of the day... we're j...

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float ll Hαιкуυυ!!

float ll Hαιкуυυ!!

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"It felt like I was floating..." Nishinoya Masaru is a natural at every sport he plays and (always) wit...

l ι ғ e ι ѕ r o υ ɴ d - ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏ ɢʜᴏᴜʟ -

l ι ғ e ι ѕ r o υ ɴ d - ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏ ɢʜᴏᴜʟ -

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"There’s a build up of nothingness in your chest, and you just have to clench at it with your weary hand...

In volleyball, you need to have a two-point lead on your opponents. For example, if you and your opponent are stuck on a deuce of 24-24, then the winner needs to reach 26 without letting the other team get a single point. Yay!

mm no i definitely agree with you on tsukishima dw. im almost definitely going to rewrite him because when I wrote this I wasn't actually a fan of him. Things have since changed. I love Tsukki. He is my soul. I was reading it and cringing I did him so wrong I'm sorry Tsukki!!
      Actually I agree with you on the whole criticism! I got /waaaay/ too carried away with the whole thing but it's too late to change Hirayama so I'm just gonna tone her down as well.
      Thanks for the comment, nice to see that you're still alive, would have seriously sucked if you weren't!!!