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Hey everyone! 

Okay, so firstly, my name is Rachel! I love to read and write so wattpad is perfect for me! Also, i love to fan all you amazing people, so just request and i will do! Also, i love to fan my favourite writers (obviously) :) 

I am generally a happy person, and i am ALWAYS up for a chat! I am pretty confident, except shy at the same time... Don't ask, it doesn't make sense i know :P 

Anyway I am an AUSSIE!!! :) and australia rocks, but i really want to travel the world and i love meeting people that are from different countries on wattpad! :) 

Okay, so things i like 

~Smiley faces
~Friendly People
~My friends

Anddd, the list goes on! :D 

Things i hate 

~Car crashes

Yeah, i am pretty sure that list goes on too! :) 

Okay, i have these awesome friends: 



And, if we become friends, you could be up there ^ with my favourite people in the world.

Oh, and BTW, i am a huge animal lover! I used to have a dog, Nikki, but she died :( 

Well, i know this is a bit of a novel to read, but HEy, You know me now! :) 

One last thing: Wattpad is AMAZING! It has changed me a lot. It is like an environment where i feel so comfortable. I can read amazing stories, write, and people can support me, or tell me how to get better, but most importantly, i can meet the most amazing people! I love talking to everyone so feel free to talk! I love to join the clubs, and enjoy editting other peoples stories. I also love doing contests. Eveything about Wattpad is amazing and i love the wattpad community!

Alright, tooleloos! xx


In The Heat Of The Blaze

In The Heat Of The Blaze

2 pages, updated Aug 14, 2012
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On Top Of The World

On Top Of The World

4 parts / 9 pages, updated Jul 12, 2012
Welcome to Ella Andrews world. Because she doesn't wear dresses that finish just below her butt or she doesn't wear tonnes of make-up every day or because she actually... read more
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A parallel world

A parallel world

2 pages, updated Jul 11, 2012
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